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Your Open QuestionShow me another » <<<<<LOOK>>>>> 2002 Subaru engine timing questio

i would like to get this question to be answered by a qualified Subaru tech, or someone who knows what they are talkiing about, these engines take a special knowledge to to work on and maintain. I have a 2002 subaru wrx, with the 2.0 turbo, my question is this, i was driving my car last week, no problems whatsoever, then i hear two clicks, and the engine dies, i went to start my car, and all i can hear is the starter rotating, i replaced the starter with a remanufaictured one, and the enging still refused to start. it sounds like the starter isnt engaging the flywheel. so we had the car towed to a local shop, and they're trying to tell me that the timing belt has either come off the pulleys, slipped or broken. what kind of problems/ expenses am i looking to expect. Is it even the timing belt, or could it be the remaned starter? This being an interference engine, i am worried to death that i might have bent the valves. the car has 88,000 miles, the recomended timing belt change out is 105,000mi. has anyone ever heard of the belt coming off early, please help

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If the car really did jump time, it's highly unlikely that the belt failed. The usual culprits are the cogged idler pulley, or the hydraulic tensioner. Those are what I see fail on all of the timing failures that come through the shop where I work (yes with bent valves)

It is also unlikely that either of those failed at 88k. We usually see the idlers get noisy around 110K and bearings fail at 130K or more. Tensioners don't usually fail until 150K+ or if they've been re-installed and pushed back in improperly. The other cause can be debris going through the belt and gears, but that only happens when the covers are either broken or removed.

Since the shop is telling you this, ask them to show you what they found. In order to diagnose that they would have to at least taken the side covers off to see the belt slack. You have to remove a lot more than that to see the rest of the belt, pulleys etc. If the timing covers are still on, find another shop.

Now, if it really did jump time and bend valves, you will be looking at $2500 and up to repair by a shop. If you have some mechanical gumption or friends with skill, you could save tons by doing the engine pull and disassembly yourself. A good machine shop should be able to rebuild those heads for $5-600. Figure a couple hundred more for gaskets and beer. Reassemble and install. Keep us posted what you learn from the shop. I hope it's not bad for you.
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