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Weird Squeal/Chirp when accelerating

Hi all, I drive a 2011 WRX I have a slightly odd problem, details below:

The noise itself sounds like a worn-out bearing or two metal plates
rubbing against each other. Sort of a higher-pitched
squealing/metallic whistling. This noise is transient and only appears around the 2k rpm mark or when the clutch is mostly out.

The throwout bearing is brand new - it was replaced due to squeal when the clutch was all the way in on a cold start. The car has actually had a lot of work done since the dealer that replaced the throwout bearing managed to mess up the tranny. They put in a propeller shaft after claiming to hear noise from the vehicle (i never heard it) and in the process bent a plate in the transmission. That was since fixed but I then began to hear this noise.

1) Car should be warmed up, I was able to produce it consistently
after 15 minutes of highway driving, but the higher speeds may not be

2) The noise was noticeable consistently in 1st-2nd gear, occasionally
in 3rd and 4th, and rarely in 5th. This may be a function of the
torque on the engine or something else. However, the one time that I
heard the noise in 5th gear, it was a sustained squeal for about
1.5-2seconds and I was very concerned.

3) To generate the noise, I accelerated smoothly from stop, releasing
the clutch from about 1.5k rpm up to 3k. At around the 2k mark, I
would hear this noise with the clutch mostly released. I have also
heard the during a hard pull, at around 3-3.5k rpm, but did not
experiment much with this since I wanted to avoid straining the
transmission (if this was a transmission problem).

Mechanic's theory was that the noise is specifically tied to the
position of the clutch, which is not unreasonable.

Has anyone encountered something like this before?

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Hey, put in your car details (in your account settings) so we know what we are working with.

Also, has any work been done to the car?

My car makes this noise from the throwout bearing. Could be the same on your end. Not a big deal in my book.

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