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DreamEvil 09-20-2012 12:21 AM

Weird issues with 2002 wrx
Hey guys so I have a 2002 wrx the car had the motor rebuilt by previous owner by subaru currently has 45,xxx miles on it. My mod list is as follows I have a vf39 turbo, sti tmic, 1000cc injectors, 255 fuel pump, full catless unequal length header back exhaust system, manual boost controller, open dump waste gate and just recently put a 2006 sti transmission into her. The car was recently retuned and put down 293whp 292wtq on a mustang dyno this was a open source tune so I do not have a accessport or any real engine management or data logging system unfortunately.

Here is the issue: So I get the car tuned things running great did a few pulls to feel it felt great! Few days later I do a pull next thing I know the car makes a pop sound, I let off the gas continue driving from 2500 rpms on the car is just sputtering getting no power running like total crap. I pull over exhaust smells like straight gas, doesn't sound right either. I threw no codes though so I pull it in the driveway and get to thinking so first thought was since it smelt like gas maybe something injector related checked those seemed fine. I pulled the spark plugs they were all fuel fouled now since it was not just one and was all 4 It leads me to believe it is not the injectors pretty rare for all four to go at once, so I replaced the plugs and moved on. So next step did some reading online read some of my symptoms could be from my FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) did a test on that totally fine. Next thing I was reading is maybe a leak in the intake or intake manifold a boost leak I took the intercooler off and the Y pipe along with all the hoses seemed fine. One kind of interesting thing is the recirculating hose (I think that is what it is called) from my turbo to where the bypass valve would be was not attached to the bypass and was actually blocked off by the previous owner. I did some reading and it seems people do that when they go after market blow off valve so I assume it is like that due to the open dump waste gate? In any rate though after looking around I saw no evidence of the hoses being damaged in any way. One thing that was also odd is one of the tubes actually attached to the intercooler had a bit of oil on it but I stuck my finger into the hoses that would attach on and there was nothing. After doing this I figured since I have the intercooler off I may as well clean the throttle so I did that. Re bolted everything on started the car it appeared to be running a bit smoother but still not as it usually would and the exhaust still smelt very rich. I continued to let the car warm up rpms were at around 1,000 gave it a rev and they got stuck at 2,000 so I turn the car off. Fiddle around with the throttle to see if maybe I screwed something up turned it back on reved it some more didn't happen again. Honestly I am at a total loss I don't really know what my next step would be other then to pay someone to do a leak down test manifold and boost but I am pretty pressed for cash as I just got laid off my job, and I spent all this money on the tune.

I figured maybe you guys could help point me in the right direction or give me some ideas of things to further test, I had a buddy who has the tools to do a leak down and was supposed to come by but he keeps putting it off to the point where I am considering just shelling the money out for a shop to do it kind of reluctant though.

I really tried to do my reading and figure this out before posting but like I said I am at a loss and I am no mechanic my dad is pretty good with cars so we were going at it together and are both drawing a blank any idea's, or suggestions you guys can provide would be great!

pzr2874 09-20-2012 05:41 AM

You tried everything I would have except a leakdown or at least a compression test. Why 1000cc injectors for a VF? max they would need is 750-850cc. Another area you could check is the IACV.

I find it interesting all for plugs were cov'd in gas.

I'd stay in the area of the throttle and snoop around a little bit more. You need a way to monitor/log.

DreamEvil 09-20-2012 06:26 AM

I think the guy before me did it with the intentions of going bigger turbo amongst other mods but yeah it seemed fairly excessive to me. I guess the only real solution is to do a leak down test of some sort. I posted on Nasioc as well but most of them just keep repeating themselves telling me to do the same thing , check the hoses on the inter cooler which I've done twice now and it is all fine. One guy recently posted saying he had almost the exact same problems and it was a vacuum line popped off I guess I may have to bite the bullet and pay for the test.

mosc 09-20-2012 09:13 AM

Sounds like an MBC problem. Why do you even have a manual boost controller on the car? The typical issue people run into is partial throttle, full boost. The ECU thinks the wastegate is partially open and your MBC is locking it closed. Was the car tuned with the MBC in mind?

DreamEvil 09-20-2012 09:55 AM

Unfortunately I did not do the majority of mods on this car in fact as far as performance is concerned I did not touch one single thing aside from installing the sti transmission. That being said I don't know why he decided to go the route of a MBC but he did. The car was tuned with the MBC on the car.

Another issue I am hearing now is my stock BPV is on the intercooler and the recirculating hose from the turbo too that BPV is not attached and for some reason blocked off, the BPV also I remember on my other wrx having a piece beneath it that attached this hose is not there and just a hole. I am wondering now if perhaps that was blocked off and no longer is or what that could be all a bout. Seems people do this when they have a aftermarket BOV which I do not have. I am thinking, though I could be totally wrong and there may not be any relation, that this was done on account of the open dump waste gate.

I read someone else posted the same issues as I have been experiencing and he said that it turned out to be some sort of vacuum leak. I am waiting to hear maybe where his happened and see if I get lucky and it is in the same area since the car has to have a good 50 vacuums hoses in it.

Hondafan 09-20-2012 12:11 PM

If you're using a factory BPV, the car should stall out if the recirc hose isn't connected. I'd say to find a way to reconnect that hose. The factory bpv has a metal tube that connects to the hose, and you should be able to pull the plug on the recirc hose that's currently blacked off. Connect that first. If that doesn't fix it, I'd say check for boost leaks. You would have a significant boost leak (which is the same as a vacuum leak) and that's why it's running rich. The ECU is giving fuel as it thinks there's more air in each cylinder than is really there (because boost is escaping through the leak). Lastly, I'd pull the MBC like mosc said. You can do a leak test using carb choke cleaner, but you have to do it when the car's not hot as carb choke cleaner is flammable. Google search on how to do it and you'll see it's not that rough, just be careful.

DreamEvil 09-20-2012 01:00 PM

If I remove the boost controller how will my car regulate its boost? Isn't that what is currently keeping it in check? I doubt it still has that little pea in that hose that keeps it regulated.

Yeah my buddy is coming by later picking up some brake or carb cleaner and gunna take a look, another buddy told me theres a way to make a little home made boost leak tester so he may come up sunday if me and my buddy don't get anything done tonight.

Update I am thinking of ruling out a vacuum leak I bought some break cleaner sprayed every visible vacuum line no changes in idle. We did hear what almost sounded like a vacuum leak but it went away so I am not exactly sure what that is a bout. In any rate we sprayed all over and nothing.

Not really sure what to do now -__-

I am curious when someone tunes a car do they something touch things that could make it so codes are not thrown? I am considering perhaps a sensor of some sort went bad? and maybe the tune is preventing a code from being thrown? If that is possible if there a way to find these "hidden" codes.

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