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05bluewrx 03-08-2005 11:41 AM

TurboXS Type-H BOV Question
Ok, this may get complicated so stay with me ;P

Bought a used RFL off of a guy in my town, works on his car so no reason why it shouldn't work on mine, right?

Step 1: Took off stock BOV, install plug into return hose line make sure there is no leaks.

Step2: Take BOV check all gaskets to make sure they are all good. Connect BOV to adaptor plate and tighten hex bolts.

Step 3: Put 3 washers in the bottom of the brass spring container to tighten up.

Step 4: Put BOV back together and install on TMIC making sure gasket fits good and tight on IC.

Step 5: Run Vaccum line to nipple on BOV and make sure its tight by putting on small hose clamps.


1st Gear: Any boost sounds good
2nd Gear: No more than 6 psi and sounds good, go over and sounds real quick
3rd gear: Stay below 5 psi and sounds good, go over and sound real quick
4th gear: Stay below 5 psi and sounds good, go over and sounds weak if anything
5th gear: Stay below 5 psi and barely hear it, go over and hear nothing at all

Go home make sure eveything is on and tight.. All Tight. Go out again and same results.

Now I'm curious on why this is doing that, so I go to a friends house that has an '03 WRX and try his working one on mine.. same thing. Try mine on his, and works good.. so I know the BOV is good.

At idle my car is around -.05 bar or -7psi if im correct so its within a good range.
Full throttle is .1 bar or 14psi.

So my question is why does my BOV suck ass after 7psi and will work on 03 model.

Keep in mind I have checked the plug 3 times, the vaccum lines 3 times and cannot get it fixed.. the only REAL way I can get it to blow off nice is about 50% of the time if I let out real slow on the gas in high boost, but most of the time it still is not loud or is real quick and stupid sounding...

Any ideas????

jeff04 03-10-2005 06:49 PM

You may have to adjust the valve by adding or removing some of the supplied washers. I have the same valve. When using no washers it blew off great, but seemed like it was leaking. I now use four washers and it works fine.

absolutexk 03-18-2005 02:07 AM

How many washers would u recommend prerequisite on a STock WRX? or is it different for every car? i can imagine that all stock WRX owners rthat have a RFL would use the same amount of washers for an optimal performance with no idle problems...

wi_wrx 03-18-2005 09:00 AM

I use 3 and it sounds great, i have some mods but the reccomendation on TXS' website is to use 2-3 washers on the WRX.

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