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booosted09 08-03-2010 03:06 PM

Tire Pressure Sensor problems.
Is anyone else having problems with their tire pressure sensor? I run 36psi in all my tires and for some reason the light on the dash will pop on when i drive to work, then when i drive home it shuts off. I check the pressure and they are all at 36 psi except for one tire will drop down to 32 psi. Is that enough to trip the sensor? I air the one tire up and i wont have a problem with it again for about a month and then it happens again. JUst curious if anyone else is having this problem too. Thanks for your help.

Hondafan 08-03-2010 05:59 PM

Yes, that is enough to make the light come on at 32 PSI. What's happening is that when the tire is cold so will the air inside be. Cold air is more dense, meaning that the pressure will actually be lower in the tire when it's still not heated up. If you park in the sun at work, you can have a fluctuation in pressure as much as 4 psi in the shade/sun (or more in extreme cases). If your tire is even SLOWLY losing air, have a tire shop take a look, because it will always do it until you get the leak fixed (unless you just don't ever drive your car and then it will actually lose air just by sitting still because the tire is not flexing and expanding/contracting as you drive. Anyway, long story short: You're fine. Fill it, and get it checked. Otherwise, nothing is wrong.

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