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gaz123 01-19-2010 06:33 PM

strange boost issues
my car is an 03 wrx ppp its got a forge motorsport dump valve and a ss tbe, i am having problems with boost, i bought it used about 6months ago and all was well, it was on par with my friends 350bhp 05 sti, then one day a few months back it just didnt boost at all, however the dump valve sounded the same and i could here the turbo spooling, i then got a cel code 1086 and 1092, tumble generator valve, so i replaced it and the cel went away but no boost, then got another cel for the idle control valve and that went away on its own, but no boost, so i stripped the car down at the weekend looking for split hoses and leaking vacuum lines and found nothing.after reading a few similar problems on the forums i went to a dealer and bought a new boost control solenoid, and still nothing. so i figured the only thing it can be is the actuator giving in to early, so i removed the pipe from th actuator an put a screw in the end. and fantastico, the power was back, but now it fuel cuts lyk crazy and im reading 2.0bar on my boost gauge wich i know is bad, does anyone have any sugestions, thanx in advance guys :confused:

Pat@forge 02-02-2010 10:54 AM

Ok. First off, don't go around boosting without a pressure reference to your wastegate.

Take your valve off and do the "pen-test" outlined in this PDF:

Probably not the problem but it is a quick and easy test. Next hook up a pump of some kind to your wastegate and pressurize it to see if it is opening. Most likely it has failed.

gaz123 02-02-2010 05:27 PM

i have but the stock bypass vave back on but thanx for that idea of pressurising the actuator, wish id thought of that, i was almost ready to give up. il try that in the morning, also my cel light is back on and i got the codes p1086 (tumble generator valve left hand position sensor low input) and p1092 (tumble generator valve left hand malfunction). i have replaced the sensor again but this time the cel wont clear, do you think it could have sumthing to do with my catless downpipe because i no they have sumthing to do with emmissions.

squires84 03-04-2010 05:48 PM

Does any one know where you can get just the sensor? becuse im having the same cel code come up
and i want to fix the issue need help.

the dealer said they dont just sell the sensor you have to buy the tgv.

Myzkoo 03-09-2010 04:34 PM

Did you get your boost back gaz123? Im having the same issues that you described, ive ben on low boost for a month and a half now and im getting tired. Currently peaks on 0,65 bar and it used to peak at 1,4 bar (EcuteK and some other mods) If i pull the hose on the wastegate acutator i get full boost pretty quick.

I've tried with everyting, i belive. Will describe my problem in a new post but i thought that i could ask you here first if you got it fixed.

/ Mattias, Sweden

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