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I was actually told something similar when I was having that issue with smoke. Now that is has wamred up some the smoke isnt there at all. But oh well the 20G is going to be on in about 24 hours.

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i use royal purple in mine, no problems. i've seen that condition on mazda's hundreds of times as well as gm vehicles. alot of what i've seen sits on the consumer putting too much oil in. 90% of the time on start up with excessive oil in the pan will create a white/greyish smoke only on start up like blk05wrx said the cat hasn't lit off and won't until it reaches 600 degrees. once the cat lights off it burns the excess. if it continues to smoke after cat light off then you need to pull the exhaust manifold an if you see oil in the exhaust mani you have a blown head gasket, if not you have a faulty piston oil ring, an out of round cylinder, or faulty valve seals.
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I don't want to validate the claims that Mobil 1 caused the smoke, but I just switched to full synthetic Mobil 1 about a week ago and today, what is best described as a plume of smoke came out on startup after sitting for about 10-20 seconds. Then it ran normal, no extra noises. On a side note, I hit a whopping 23psi with it while trying to dial in a tune, and I'm on stock internals so that is most likely the cause, but I do find it interesting that Mobil 1 could be the culprit. Either way I'm going to start shopping for a built block and a place to have my AVO 380 rebuilt.
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When my STi started smoking like that, I was using Mobil 1, and the dealership couldn't diagnose it, but it turned out to be a blown ring land. I know you didn't want to self diagnose, and I see it the same way as you do, but when they kept giving it back telling me that it was "normal," I had to do something. They've strayed from actually servicing vehicles to only working on ones they know will turn a profit, and some of the diagnostics tests are labor intensive with few results on occasion. It took a couple hours to compression test it, but the dealer wouldn't do it, because they said the car was running "normally." Good luck with yours. I hope it's not that bad, but mine only had 19K on it blowing the ring lands. I know it overboosted too, because I cleared the ECU and the car almost immediately boosted to 22 PSI. That's not okay. Let us know what you or the dealership finds out.

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Originally Posted by Victux View Post
I have an 07 wrx wagon all stock no mods, and after letting it sit overnight i get a nice greyish/white cloud of smoke out of the exhaust when i pull out of my parking spot. After that nothing happens i do not have smoke coming from the exhaust while driving. I have taken the vehicle to my local subaru dealership and at first they couldnt duplicate it. I took it back again and Subaru gave me a loaner car for 3 days so they could have more time with it.. so this time they were able to duplicate the problem. They told me its because i was using Mobil1 synthetic oil and that i needed to switch to the non synthetic factory oil... so i did that and it seemed to be ok for 2-3 days. Then it happens again, i back up out of the parking spot and take off, i look in the mirror and i see the cloud of smoke behind me.
So i call Subaru back they tell me they want me to come in for an oil consumption test every thousand miles.. so i do that and in 3000 miles it went through about a quart of oil.. they tell me the oil consumption is normal and the smoke on startup is normal...
I need help here, a cloud of smoke on a car that just last week cleared 30,000 miles should NOT be normal. I am fed up with the dealership and the factory rep telling me smoke on startup is normal. I need help with this and dont know what to do. I feel like the dealer and factory is avoiding the issue and not willing to do anything to repair the problem. Im turning to the general public for help... what should i do???
i have a 1997 wrx gc8 version3. i have just recently done a full rebuild on my engine. new stage 3 turbo, the works, and had the same problem.

i found the blue smoke is from worn piston bores. i had to rebuild my engine again but this time i put in bigger pistons and sleaved the blocks out. costs money but it gets rid of the problem.

the factory block doesnt have any sleaves in them, so the pistons will wear out the block on the bottom side of the blocks. mainly due to crank, rod, and piston rotation wcombined with gravity. this is common with all boxer engines.

the porches dont wear as fast due to their price and installing sleaves.

the turbo seals does cause this aswell. but by upgrading to a ball bearing turbo this will not happen.

different oils play a small part but when it comes to worn parts, oils are much the same.

if you dont want to go down that path then try a thicker oil, and if possible a new turbo.

i hope this has helped.
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