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Nathan21 11-19-2013 07:40 PM

PO224 wastegate
So I was getting on it pretty hard passing some cars hitting about 5500rpm in 3rd gear and then threw this CL code PO224 wastegate? This is the 2nd time. First time I was 2nd gear at 5500 in crazy dusty area. Need help, already cleared the code but I figured 2nd time it happen I should ask

turmic 11-19-2013 08:25 PM

Were you flooring it? Because that's a overboost code.

psinuse 11-19-2013 08:32 PM

What mods do you have on the car?

Nathan21 11-19-2013 10:02 PM

Cat back and intake that's it, and no I was on it hard, I am going to load a lwg map tomorrow and see how it does

Nathan21 11-19-2013 10:09 PM

Also I will run a log on my way to the office before I do the lwg and investigate what I get and post it as well tomorrow

BLAZE2099 11-20-2013 05:39 AM

Take off the BOV!!!


Nathan21 11-20-2013 09:00 AM

Alright guys, here is my log before I change to lwg but it seems to me everything seems perfect?
I won't be changing over on this till I get yall's opinion


boo-key 11-20-2013 12:10 PM

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cant click the link

Nathan21 11-20-2013 12:41 PM

Copy n paste?

Haw1es 11-20-2013 01:11 PM

Yeaaaa, so that's a link to the file on your computer. It needs to be hosted ie google docs.

Nathan21 11-20-2013 01:56 PM

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try this

Haw1es 11-20-2013 02:28 PM

That's better ��

Nathan21 11-20-2013 02:36 PM

Everything looks good to me honestly
Doesn't look like I should run a lwg map

boo-key 11-20-2013 05:48 PM

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I would try to avoid flooring it at low rpm's in highger gears. That is sometimes a cause for overboosting. Just downshift if needed.

thekamikaze kid 11-20-2013 05:59 PM

b4 u change yer map u should send yer map to cobb. and c if they would recomend that. I was gonna do the same thing and they strongly advised me not to. is your car stage 1?

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