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justrich120 08-07-2010 02:33 AM

Please me out guys. I'm starting to freak out.
Ok, I'll try really hard to not make this too long. Also this is the only real car I've had so I don't know too much, so please don't beat me up too bad.

I have a 2006 wrx I wanted to mod it. So I got exhaust, headers, and uppipe. It didn't it didn't feel like enough power so I wanted a to get a DownPipe and a dyno tune.

Right before I got the DP I threw a CEL which end up being the front o2 sensor. I got the DP and went to get it tuned. I had them replace the o2 sensor before it was dyno'd. I got the car dynoed and everything fixed and it was running perfectly.

The next day I took it out for a spin and and it threw another CEL which was again the front o2 sensor and has been running not good.

After I called the guy who fixed and tuned the car he said it might be the ecu or an electrical problem that was the problem might not be the sensor.

But after he mentioned the ecu or electrical problem. I did replaced the driver side fog light. Then a few months later They both went out. Then a couple months after that the drivers side head light went out.

The car is also due for inspection at the end of the month and definitely wont pass with CELs on. AND I just lost my job and had to pay rent and basically am broke until I can find another job

Any idea what it could be? Please help me out guys. Also, sorry this was long But I'm kinda freaking out here.


justrich120 08-07-2010 02:39 AM

Also, is there a problem that I'm not running any cats I don't think in the car??

Hondafan 08-07-2010 02:10 PM

What form of engine management are you running? Are you using an AccessPort? If they visually check for a catalytic converter in your car, and it requires it in your state, you will not pass emissions.

Regarding the lighting:
The lights are generally connected on the same relay altogether. That way you can't have your high beams on full bright without your headlights on/ fog lights the same. Because of that, if you have a wiring problem somewhere in that circuit, it can screw up all of it. When I changed out the headlights on my '02 it was difficult to do the wiring correctly because it's a common power with switched grounds for all of the lights. That being said, if you wired it backwards on the fog lights, then it can short out the rest, even though light comes out of them. If you replaced them and didn't do any wiring, you may have a problem in that relay. That circuit goes a lot of places. It will go under your dash on driver and passenger sides (passenger side for DRLs), it goes up to your steering column (for the wand to turn them all on), and it goes under the hood of course. Check to make sure all of your lights actually work. You can do this by connecting them directly to power/ground at a 12V source. Please don't do it if you're not already 100% positive how to do that safely. You can then use a test light with ALL of the other lights plugged in and test each plug one at a time. If all of the lights are not plugged in this won't work correctly because they're all connected. I hope that helps.

I doubt the lighting problems you're having have anything to do with your CEL. Fill us in on your engine management and we might be able to help more. I'd also find out exactly what your tuner has done, because I would be concerned if my tuner were the one working on my car and still can't solve a CEL for an O2 sensor. . . I'm not trying to raise suspicions, but I would look into it still.

justrich120 08-08-2010 07:45 AM

The only engine management I have was the tune itself. I live in MA But last time I had an inspection all the did was hook up the RMV machine thing to the car. They didn't hook up the exhaust to the hose. So how would they know I'm not running any cats?

Also the tuner fixed the o2 sensor and replaced it. After he did that the light went off. I drove like 200 miles after that and everything seemed good. Then The CEL went off again a day later. I took the car to pruven in CT and had Big Al do the dyno tune.

Should I try and replace the o2 sensor again for the inspection and hope it passes if there is no CEL after that??

I was going to get an accessport but I heard that a dyno tune would be better so I did that instead.

Again, I'm not like really knowledgeable about all this so any help is great

Thanks Hondafan

newtothegame 08-08-2010 11:00 AM

Your tuner apparantly sucks. Thats what it basically boils down to. If you are completely catless, then got tuned for it, your tuner didnt do his job very well. You will get that CEL for running the catless DP he could have (and SHOULD have) disabled it. You can also search on here or google CEL fix (Im not familiar with it), but theres a resistor or what not to trick the ECU and the CEL will stay off.

basco 08-08-2010 12:57 PM

no you should never mess with the front's the rear one is the one with the resistor, the front is what reads the AFR for the ECU

justrich120 08-08-2010 02:30 PM

So os there anything I can do? I just got two different pieces of advice...

justrich120 08-08-2010 02:45 PM

AND will the code def come up for the font o2 sensor if I'm not running cats?

wagonracer 08-08-2010 04:09 PM

The fix for the rear o2 sensor is called a mil-eliminator. Search and you will find. It's just a little doo-dad you splice inline. Not expensive either.....

The front sensor is absolutely necessary and, yes it sounds like your tuner missed something. An AP stage 2 tune might the be the path of least resistance.

The resistor fix is for the UP EGT sensor, BTW. Maybe the mil-eliminator is actually a resistor also. It's been a long time since I did that :o

newtothegame 08-08-2010 10:17 PM

My apologies for that, I miss read it (long day at work). But still after being tuned, sensors shouldnt be going off or anything.

basco 08-08-2010 10:31 PM

I was having a similar issue before I gave up and went standalone, it turned out there was a short in the Front O2 circuit

Boober909 08-09-2010 12:52 AM

i had done the resistor cel fix and the spark plug antifoul on the downpipe o2 sensor and i was still getting cel lights every once in a while. kinda shitty you paid 500 or whatever for a tune and he didn't do it right. that's almost an accessport right there. you should go back and tell him you want it fixed.

Hondafan 08-09-2010 03:09 AM

I would also go to your tuner and ask him to perform the job that you paid for. I wouldn't want him to approach it from the angle that he doesn't know what he's doing, but ask him to run it through it's full test before he passes the car back off to you, because the car needs to run through its own tests after the ECU is reset. This can take 20 miles/minutes or more in some circumstances. It's called a readiness test. When the car has gone through its tests you can pass I/M inspection. If there's a problem in the actual O2 sensor, then usually repair facilities get some sort of warranty on parts they install and he may be able to replace it for free if the part is defective. If it's something in the wiring, like Basco experienced, he'll have the multimeter and specs to find out if there's a problem in the circuit. I hope this is genuinely helpful. It may not be something he should have eliminated for not having a cat in the up pipe, but as I understand it, it's not necessary to have an up pipe cat for that sensor to read correctly. Please correct me if I'm wrong, someone.

What I meant with what I said before about passing emissions is that when you take it in to get done, if they LOOK to visually check for a cat (like they do here) it wouldn't pass, even if the car doesn't have a CEL.

I personally wouldn't bring up the potential for a bad circuit to your tuner, as I'd prefer he check it on his own if the O2 sensor isn't bad. He can also check the signals coming out of the O2 sensor to find out if it's defective or not. Good luck!

justrich120 08-09-2010 05:15 AM

The front sensor is absolutely necessary and, yes it sounds like your tuner missed something. An AP stage 2 tune might the be the path of least resistance.


Accessport stage 2 tune would be best for this? It will take care of the CEL problem you think?

The tuner is like 3.5 hours each way and he's a dick. I didn't like dealing with him while I was there to begin with so I really not have to deal with him again.

Again, I'm a totally newb so apologies if I'm being ridiculous here.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a new head light bulb and both fog light bulbs. And hopefully they will stay lit for more than a few months =) Because the right headlight still works fine and also the day time running lights are fine and someone mentioned that they were on the same circuit, so its not an electrical problem

My fear was that since the CEL is on the car would be running really rich. But I'll really try and save up as much as possible for get an AP and stage 2 map it.

If anyone else has any advice please feel free. All I ask is that you really simplify everything down for me..

Thank you guys so much. You've been awesome


basco 08-09-2010 07:42 AM

yeah it's probably your best bet for now, or try to find another tuner, it's widely known in the community that Big Al is a colossal d** in NE I'm sure that there is another tuner closer than 3.5 hours

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