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sooner190 08-08-2013 06:42 PM

P0244 & oil light. WRX won't start :(
So, today my DD [U]2005 WRX died and the CEL (p0244) & oil light came on, all 3 at about the same time.[/U]

From what I understand, P0244 is from overboost, so it makes sense that the fuel pump would cut off and make the car die.

[B]What I don't understand is why the oil light came on and why the car won't run now![/B]

[U]When the engine does turnover, it won't idle as it stays at 100-200 RPM for a few seconds then dies.[/U] I tried giving it a bit of gas but that didn't keep it running and it didn't sound right anyway. It sounds like it might be missing but I have only owned this car for 2 months and am very wary of my assumptions.

I recently installed a catless uppipe and a Cobb crank pulley (when I also found out the hard way that the timing belt had already been changed), both of which seem fine. The car also has a K&N and catback exhaust.

[U]What worries me[/U] is that the car came with a Turbo XS boost controller and I have yet to tune the car since making those changes.

I've searched but cannot seem to find the fix to my problem. [U]Any quick help would be greatly appreciated! This is my daily driver and I've got 13 hours till work![/U] ...and a potentially long weekend if this is something bad.

Oil level is fine so I assume oil pressure or some sensor could be the problem?
Is it possible the fuel pump cutout kept the fuel pump off? that seems odd considering it that the engine kinda started a few times.
IDK!!!!! Help me please!!!!!!

Also- I used my OBDII scanner to clear the code and I unhooked the battery attempting to reset the computer as well. That didn't help either. But since the code for overboost is cleared, shouldn't I focus on fuel and oil issues?

Disclaimer of fault: I know I should have tuned it immediately after changing parts, I should have taken off the boost gauge when I first bought the car, and I should have done my research to find that my boost gauge reading of .15mps meant 24lbs of way-too-much-boost.
Now that I've admitted to being a screw up, feel free to rub all that in [I]after[/I] helping me fix my problem :)

sooner190 08-08-2013 07:21 PM

Just went out to the car again to see what it would do. Now, it ran longer but it seems I was right about the misfire. The CEL came back on (I had cleared the P0244) with the codes P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304- all indicating a misfire.
So, now that i am having a misfire in all cylinders-
1. I am hopeful because it sounds like I didn't just cause detonation in 1 cylinder
2. The problem must be upstream. I am still thinking fuel pump maybe, but this still makes little sense considering that the car ran for about a minute.

sooner190 08-08-2013 08:17 PM

I'll just keep talking to myself until someone gets some free time.

BUT I did get the car running well enough to get the car home thankfully! I did that via a tip to unplug my MAF sensor. The car stopped missing once that happened. Adding to my dummy mistakes, I must have over oiled the K&N but I still find it odd that MAF problems took almost two weeks after reoiling for this to happen. Any ideas?

When I got home the oil light was off too!
.. this said, it sounds like my problems will be solved once I figure out how to take off the boost controller and get a Cobb tuner.

BUT, should I still be worried about the oil light and anything else that happened?? If someone can give me a no, I'll delete this and stop being a bother asap :)

turmic 08-08-2013 10:21 PM

Its odd that your oil light came on and your oil level was good. How is the car running now? Good and no odd noises that at the same ratio of the rpms?

sooner190 08-08-2013 10:45 PM

Yeah, it seems fine now. I just cleaned the MAF sensor and am about to go see how it will run with it on and plugged in.

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