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rgprestige15 06-20-2009 04:45 PM

o2 sensor issue please help.
Hey guys hows it going? I have not been on these forums in awhile but I have a problem and need your consulting. I live in Texas and am in a county that checks for emissions. Anyway, every year I just delete my codes with my AP, drive ~25 miles, and then take it in. For the past 2 years this has not been a problem until now. I did my usual inspection routine, deleted the codes and drove 25 miles (which always works!). SO...this time for some reason my 02 sensors keep displaying a "not ready" notice when I plug in for testing. Since I have NOT TOUCHED anything on the car in a year i.e. no new mods you guys think one of my o2 sensors just went bad? Its an 04 wrx btw with 60000 miles. In the past clearing the codes then going in after some driving has always worked. Please help me, i live hours away and cannot afford another trip back to houston (where she is registered) Iam really confused because it will throw the "catalyst" code indicative of cat failure, but don't the 02 sensors control this???? And...if my o2 sensors were ruined, wouldnt my car throw a CEL for that too? Im only getting the exhaust code yet its saying my 02's arent ready. WTF

gaz123 01-31-2010 08:45 PM

my 03 wrx does the exact same thing, i have a catless downpipe and i get the o2 not ready, bust i also get a code for the tgv valves and i think its connected sumhow, gud luck anyways

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