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Cory51191 09-19-2012 10:56 PM

New to your WRX, running low boost and can't figure out why?
I was having a problem with the amount of boost I was running. My boost gauge would read about 6psi on a strong pull. The owner of the vehicle told me the turbo was shot when I purchased my WRX. So I pulled the TMIC and DP off to check for shaft play and to make sure the turbine spun freely. Nothing was wrong with it. I was scratching my head all night thinking I'd have to get it diagnosed at a Subaru dealership. It was the easiest fix and can be easily overlooked. The last owner put a MBC on the car and must have replaced the vacuum line not knowing there was a tiny but important piece in the original hose.

Take "line 1" off and check for the pill restrictor (PART # 22326 KA120. This is for an 02' WRX, im not sure if it's the same for other models).
You can do this by (1) simply straightening the hose and looking through it. Or (2) bending it throughout the entire length of the hose and feeling for the restrictor.


What does a pill restrictor look like?: [url][/url]

You can pick one up for a few dollars.

Pill restrictor direction: If you have to insert one on your own, the longer side of the pill points toward the turbo.. That's how they are inserted from the factory.

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