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Tasty Js 02-21-2013 02:28 PM

New WRX owner - a few questions
Hey guys, sorry if this post isnt in the right category but i have a few questions about some characteristics of my new car.

This is my first subaru and i am a fresh owner having purchased it about a week ago. It is a 2009 WRX 5 door hatch, and bone stock aside from the muffler delete i had done immediately.

The first thing that peaked my interest was the behaviour of the ABS system. I noticed that when the ABS kicks in with the clutch depressed or while in neutral, the engine automatically revs to around 2500-3000 rpm. Is this normal? This is my 4th vehicle and i have never heard of this before. I would assume this is to maintain high brake pressure for the intermittent behaviour of the ABS? Not sure, but although i wouldn't label it a problem, i am curious to learn why this happens.

The second thing i noticed is the cars performance during warmup. I live in Saskatchewan and the temperature here during the winter is anywhere from -15C to -40C. I always baby my car until the temperature has crept 1 or 2 notches onto the coolant gauge. What i've noticed is reduced power until the coolant temp reaches about the halfway mark. After this point, the car seems to have a massive power increase. I would imagine the computer either reduces boost until ideal operating temperatures, or possibly the exhaust/turbo temp is too low at this semi-warm state to spool the turbo efficiently. Again, is this a normal behaviour? My last car was a 2011 and also turbo'd, and there was no difference in power from barely on the coolant gauge to full operating temp.

Thanks in advance for any opinions!

Haw1es 02-24-2013 09:09 AM

New WRX owner - a few questions
I've noticed the same thing with my abs, whenever it kicks in the engine revs up. Not sure why but it seems to be normal.

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mosc 02-25-2013 12:53 PM

The ABS thing sounds intentional but my car doesn't do it. There's no electrical reason why you would need to run up the engine with the ABS on. The car will naturally maintain higher RPM with the clutch depressed then when it's engaged but that doesn't sound like what you're running into. 3000 RPM's out of gear is quite a bit. Is it ALSO cold when you feel this? If the baseline RPM is already high, say 2k, then this may be not that much of a jump but still more than you expect. See the next point:

The car adjusts idle, timing, and other settings when it's cold. This continues all the way until it's fully warm. You can tell your car is fully warm because it will idle at 750 RPM (make sure you read the gauge right. Many people read 750 and think it's saying 500). Mattering on how cold it is, the car may idle as high as 2,000 RPM. I would re-adjust your warm-up period a little. When I lived in Minnesota (Got as cold as -25C regularly on winter mornings), I would wait several minutes until the RPM gauge went below 1500 at idle.

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