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Need some serious knowledge on my hurt car

My name is Jeff, I own an 03 wrx

A few months ago I purchased the vehicle with my brothers help. he did the test driving the the basic inspection before buying the car and driving it to me. When I received the car there were aftermarket parts which were; headers, a cat, the up and down pipes in the trunk of the car. This whole exhaust set up. The old owner put the stock parts back on the car to sell it to me and pass smog here in California. The aftermarket parts I have are SSI parts which are illegal in California and wont pass emissions.

Here's my Issue

I keep getting check engine lights. One a few months ago for a purge valve and it just came on again this time for a sensor I think. I scanned a 1088 I'm not sure what that is. I need to know why in getting this malfunctions. Im not sure if it's the air/fuel ratio or some kind of offset in pressure but its making my car idle hard and run terrible. In my dashboard there is an EVC Electronic valve control which I know correlates to the turbo, but I'm not sure if that's it I have NO idea whats going on and I'd like to hear some advice to what it could be if anyone knows.
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The old owner probably had a custom tune on the car with all those aftermarket parts. Replacing the aftermarket parts with stock parts and leaving the custom tune on the car would likely cause all the problems you are having. You probably need to get your car tuned for the stock parts.

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The p1088 is a right side tgv low input code... Could be a bad sensor, disconnected sensor, or a malfunction in the tgv valve itself. That could definitely cause rough idle.

Most Complete List For Subaru Check Engine Light Codes

Also, did the previous owner ever mention having a tune performed on the car? If he didn't I would recommend it as the wrx doesn't like aftermarket parts w/o a tune. The earlier years did fare better with aftermarket dp's but you should still get one if it's untuned.

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The old owner is unsure if there ever was such a tuning done. I'm the 3rd owner and apparently the 1st owner did all the work. The thing is I want to leave the stock exhaust set up on. I can not even find gaskets for the SSI aftermarket exhaust setup and just don't want to go through the hassle of switching them out every 2 years for smog. So if my car is already tuned to have the aftermarket parts on there. How would I go about getting the car back to stock, who specializes in that? I just want her to accept her stock exhaust parts again!!
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anyone know if a cobb ap will over ride a custom tune??? he could just load the stage 1 map right??
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