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brokenarrow 07-01-2006 01:02 AM

EDIT : go to last page for the lastest info :)

What NOT to put on your
2006 wrx TR

Big 16g
Apexi SAFC........................Just took it off
HKS fuel cut defensor..........Just took it off
Grounding mod

OK this is what happened....

All of these mods have been installed for a few months WITH no problems at all

and all of a sudden last week it started to run like crap when takeing off from a dead stop would studder and barly move....BUT if i reved the motor first and kept a higher steady RPM it would take off FINE ......THEN it seemed like if I TURNED OFF the AC that it would work good........

THEn it started to get worse...even with the AC off it still studdered ....and now no matter what i do IT does it all the time ...I can get it to higher rpms when moveing and it gets a LITTLE better but sounds/ feels like it may only be running on 3 cyl's

AND the whole time I hae been throwing a ( MISS FIRE CODE) P 304
I reset the ECU and it doesnt REALLY seem to help.. the CEL will come back on in a few miles.....but it doesnt come RIGHT back on....

I was thinking it might be a fouled plug ### i have it tuned RICH at high rpms/boost and the BOV makes it run REALL rich in between Shifts.......

I have read on here and seems like people have been haveing problems with the SAFC ( is that right away or did it take a while to happen ????)

ANYWAYS please help out guys ...thats alot!!!!!


i pulled 2 of the spark plugs ( the easy ones on the pass. side).
and thay both look the same ...thay look fine ..good really ..THEY ARE red or orange ( thats good right? )
it looks like thay would spark fine!

so now I am scared!!!!!!!!

AND the CEL code is P304....I am not sure about the 2006 wrx ..but i think thats the #4 cyl .....RIGHT???? and if so the #4 in the back on the Driver side?

ALSO ....Does anyone know what the WHITE wire on the Throtle bodydoes ( where the big clip plugs in on the throttle body) .. its right next to the Turbo ....### when I put mu FMIC pipe on it rubed up again it and cut into it ..and was ( KINNA ) shorting out ...but it dodnt mak any difference...I didnt notice for a week or so when I took the pipe off . and then I fixed it so it wasnt touching anything any more...... WHAT DOES THE WIRE CONTROLL.....i AM HOPEING THAT I DIDNT MESS MY ECU UP WITH THAT ( i doubt i did ..but ..I am still scared )

bigbadbuddha 07-01-2006 12:59 PM

That mis fire code happened to me and it sounds exactly like what happened to me. In my case one of the clips of the coil packs broke and the coil pack came loose. Check those and your plugs and see if any of the plugs are fouled, or if the coil pack itself came loose.

brokenarrow 07-01-2006 06:34 PM

OK ..I swaped all the plugs around AND all the Coil packs....AND reset the ECU and STILL GET A MISS fire in Cyl #4 .!! WTF
The car only has 4k on it ...ITs brand new still..

THE CAR RAN FINE ....for a month or two ..and I have not touched anything in that time.....then all of a sudden BOOM this crap happenes!!!!
What do i do from here.!?????? iF i take it to the dealer ship ..thay are just going to tell me its the ecu ### of the ( safc) !!!or something like that but thay cant look at it with out me paying ...bla bla bla ...!!!!

what do I do now? what els can i check ..HAS anyone els had this problem???

I hate this crap!!!!!

thanks alot people!!!! :)

9d2TSi 07-01-2006 07:54 PM

I'll tell you what I think and you can go from there.

Get some real engine management and get rid of the crap that you have on there.

The AFCII, MBC, and the FCD need to go. Engine management will do all of this and then some.

You also need to fix the wire that you chafed so that it's not shorting out.

You may not need to, but I'd also look into replacing your plugs while you're at it.

brokenarrow 07-01-2006 08:25 PM

I agree with all that ..I need to get rid of it all .
and I did fix the WIRE..
but something is wrong with Cyl 4 ..... not a plug or no the coil pack itself..
I will check the ground on it to make sure its a good ground...but i am sure it is...
and I dont think removeing the SAFC will fix my problem....I mean if the Safc did do the damage...its already done....I dont think removeing it will make any difference....BUt i will try it b4 i take to the dealer....

thanks very much for the input.

any more suggestions from anyone ..please

bigbadbuddha 07-02-2006 06:43 AM

Before going to the dealer take all that stuff off...

koolpaul1082 07-02-2006 07:31 AM

do everything that he said first, and if you continue to have a problem, i would bet you have a bad fuel injector for that #4 cylinder

JiveMasterT 07-03-2006 02:29 PM

I've heard of people getting that CEL when using the SAFCII (aka, the random misfire) but I'm not sure what the fix was. Get that stuff off your car.

brokenarrow 07-03-2006 07:11 PM

Ok i sm gonna try to swap INJ.'s and hopefully the miss will change to a diff cyl.
I checked the wireing at the ecu and its all looks good...
IF the injector isnt the problem i will take all that crap off...witch i will do anyways .. but I would like to do it in some order so I dont create more problems or what not...

SO ..
lets say my injector is bad...WHY would my WIDE band 02 sensor still say that its still running FINE....shouldnt it be reading that its LEAN??.

OR if its was not sparking ...shouldnt the Wide band be reading thats its RICH?
i dont get that part i would think thats it would indcate to some extent what was going on....but its still reads the same as when there was not problem...

I know it is working at least some what ...### when i get off the gas and use the motor to slow down the reads lean.....

i am gonna try the Inj swap soon as the motor cools down and will keep you guys posted..

thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!

JiveMasterT 07-03-2006 08:17 PM

Good luck... If this doesn't work, I think you should get rid of the MBC, SAFC, and HKS FCD before trying to troubleshoot this further. Sell all of it and then move to something like a Cobb AP or a Utec since you're used to doing the work yourself like you do with the SAFC.

brokenarrow 07-03-2006 09:04 PM

well this is a little different! AND remember that This car was barly driveable not 1 hr b4 i went and did this :

I went out and unplugged the ecu and re did all the connections and checked them all for the HKS FCD and the SAFC2 and the AVCR ( that i had in a one time...the connections were just cut and taped, when i took it out to sell it).. so i went over all that and then ....................the door chime went off for just like 2 beeps ...WHEN the ecu was out.....weird.....or what ever....i dont know if thats normal or not ..BUT....
I plugg the ECU back in and start the car ...well of corse there is no CEL so i warm it up a lil bit then go for a ride....NO problems AT ALL, it DRIVES FINE !!!!!
then i come to a light and sit there for a min. and then the CEL come on........ok ....BUT its still driveing FINE i go back home and unplugg the ecu again ...and FINISH tapeing up all the wires and put the ecu back in and fineinsh messing with it ...Ok....SO
I START the car again ...and let it idle ....then i rev the motor..( ### b4 when i would REV it would back fire louad when the rpms would come back down) ..NO back fireing........



i am gonna go put a few miles on it and see what happenes and if the cel comes on and stays on iam gonna go pull the code and see what it says.....

Will keep you poseted!!!

thx :)

brokenarrow 07-03-2006 11:16 PM

OK WELLthis is whats happing now!!!

I went for a LONG drive the CEL came on and i pulled it and it was the same Miss fire #4 cyl ...BUT it took a lot longer to come on this time ....and there is NO difference in the car's driveing ..... IT drives FINE ..perfect........Here are my thoughts on this:

please tell me what you think ....and what the flashing CEL ment

#1.. : its could have been a clogged #4 injectors ### i put fuel cleaner in and went through about a 1/4 tank of gas )and then it started to act better and run right..!...and its still a little dirty and tahts whats making it throw the CEL For that CYL. .BUT nots bad enough for me to notice anything!

#2.... when i had some sh*t hole install the SAFC and thay left the ECU cover off and told me not to put one back on ...### the metal might short the wires ..some how...( fu*king dumb shop ..I WILL NEVER NEVER go back there again...i would not let them put AIR in my tire.)...ok SO MABY people getting in and out of my car enough had made one of the connectors LOOSE and ...that could have been the big problem....BUT that would not explain why the CEL is STILL coming on ..

I think the INJ. was clogged ...### that would explain why it is running good but still throwing the CEL AND would explain it Slowly getting worse....and would explain the poof of blackish ....bluish smoke the came out when i started it ( i left that part of of the last post.....just thought it was ### my turbo ( new turbo ) has a bad seal.....
but it never has smoked at all other than some black smoke when raceing and shifting...

it did that smoke thing on two start ups and NOT again ...and since then is running GOOD!!!

SO i am hopeing that with some more driveing that it will clear up compleatlly...

WIll keep you guys posted !!! THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP !!!! :)

I still plann on getting a AP as soon as i can get the cash!!!

JiveMasterT 07-03-2006 11:25 PM

You should be able to pull the code from the ECU's history. Try that before driving it too much.

9d2TSi 07-04-2006 03:22 AM

Man, get that stuff off from there. Whoever hooked it up did a shitty job. If you intend on leaving it all on there, at least go through and make sure that you've got good connections. It sounds like you've got all kinds of gremlins running amuck in there.

brokenarrow 07-05-2006 10:27 PM

OK .. STILL runs like CRAP!!!!!!!!!

everytime I reset the ECU ...wether its REmoveing the ecu OR clearing the CEL with a cel reader..OR unhooking the batt.

The probleme GOES away UNTILL i stop and start it again..then with in a few mins of driveing the CEL come back on and it starts running like crap...

I have SWAPED INJ's and Coil packs AND plugs..... AND ITS the same COde . miss fire in CYL 4

SO i am gonna un hook the
HKS and the SAFC...
and hope the it fixes the problem.
I have been through all the wireing and its all good....i had to tape some connections up better..there were some wires sticking just a little on a few wires

I have tested the ground to the Coil pack its good
I started the motor with the 4th cyl coil pack unplugged and it idles fine and thers NO poping sound when idleing like there is when its plugged in .....

AND yah jus tto add to a list of problems
WHEN i rev at a stop it POPS ...what ever you wanna call it or if i am sitting and idleing it makes little pops not very loud you wouldnt be able to hear em unless you were listing..

I hope its not a $ 630.00 ECU ..anyone know where i can get one for ALOT cheaper ehhe

some one say some magic words and fix my shit please :) lol

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