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DJSpaghetto69 02-26-2003 03:59 PM

Loss of power?
Ok, quick question for everyone... Its been snowing like a mother here in the North East part of the country, so once it stopped I thought it was play time, I could have fun in my car. Well, my 03 doesnt seem to have the same power it had for a while there. I drive a lil on the fast side, which isnt bad, but I was having to drive like a grandma there for a week or so due to snow. I think it was the adaptive ECM (OBD II phase 4) seeing me driving and put different maps for fuel/ignition timing set for its parameters. I guess shifting @ 2400 rpm with light throttle in the snow did this in, right? Anyone else notice this? If this is the case, I could always disconnect the battery to reset it. Thanks.

dolbnyc 03-30-2003 06:25 AM

you can do a search on here for a grounding mod,
I had a weird problem with a hesitation at certain times
also there is another way to reset the ECU.
you would run 5 thick guage wire to 5 point from the ground terminal
or you can but the HKS circle earth, but that is like 120 bucks
you can do this mod for 20. If you look at the groun straps under the hood, one near the battery, and one on the firewall. you can see that
they get full of dirt, and they are of light guage.
maybe this will help, you are on the east coast, and you have moisture
and road salts, dirts.

hope that puts you in the right direction

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