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GamerzBM 06-18-2011 05:55 PM

loose belt maybe?
Hey i have this problem where i start up the car cold its fine for a min then it starts to like putt kinda but when i press on the gas everything is fine or when im driving its fine and also when its warm it does the same thing ill say its a rough idle what could cause this i looked on the forums but i couldnt find an answer i have a 2002 subaru wrx

jbones1371 06-18-2011 06:24 PM

I had this same problem. Is you CEL on? Mine was and it was throwing code P0303 which is #3 cylinder misfire. All I did was add fuel injector cleaner and no more CEL.

GamerzBM 06-18-2011 06:59 PM

yea i have po302 03 and 04 and system to lean i put some fuel injector cleaner in today but it wasnt a good brand so i dont know if that will do that trick

AllExtinct 06-18-2011 08:03 PM

When did you replace your plugs last?
I had a small hesitation when gassing it in neutral, after I changed my plugs, problem fixed.
I had misfire code a few weeks ago on 1 and 2 used injector cleaner and fixed it but when I push it too hard around 6k+ rpm I can feel it lagging out, not sure if its still missing or not but Im pretty sure that it might be the timing belt since Im over 100k so I try not to push it hard till I get it swapped out.

Good luck guys.

jbones1371 06-18-2011 08:07 PM

I used gumout fuel injector cleaner. I can definitely tell a difference when im in gear at low rpm's. It used to stutter and shake but no more. Thank god it wasnt anything major.

wagonracer 06-18-2011 10:28 PM

Misfires in Subaru's are more often fuel related rather than spark. That being said, having rebuilt and work on a few (higher mileage) '02s lately which I notice we all have, another common and possible cause is valve lash being tight. As the seats wear, the clearance between the cam lobe and bucket shim gets smaller than spec. Eventually this causes misfires due to the valves opening an RCH too early.

After exhausting the possibilities of vacuum leaks, clogged or leaky injectors, tired plugs or dead coil packs, that is really the next thing to investigate. Subaru actually recommends a valve adjustment for our engines (I forget the suggested mileage). Unfortunately that is an operation that most shops can't even perform, and it's quite costly.

BTW, BG makes a good injector solvent.

GamerzBM 06-20-2011 12:46 PM

i just had both my heads fixed at the machine shop so im better sure there nothing wrong with those and i changed my spark plugs at 58,000 miles i have 61k miles now i got a new MAF, new belti put a new air filter, and i used fuel injector cleaner last night lucas i think the name was

pzr2874 06-20-2011 01:27 PM

Did you check or regap the plugs when you put em in?

Clean the IACV as well.

GamerzBM 06-20-2011 02:14 PM

yes the gap was right i think it was suspose to be .30

man show 06-20-2011 10:45 PM

^ 0.030 inches, to be exact ;)

GamerzBM 06-21-2011 07:52 PM

my left head was making noise i had someone look at it they told me it could be that the vavle timing is off that is why i have misfires if this is true what would i have to do?

wagonracer 06-21-2011 08:08 PM

How many miles on that engine ? See my post above for detail on how the valves get out of adjustment. I'll give you advice based on the mileage ;)

GamerzBM 06-21-2011 08:39 PM

61k low miles its a 2002 and i just had them seal and resufaced at 58k

wagonracer 06-21-2011 08:58 PM

Did you have valve work done at that point ?

GamerzBM 06-21-2011 09:37 PM

yes i got new valves becuase when we had it done the first time they did the timing belt wrong and the valves got bent so we had to send the heads out and get the valves redone i hope im saying this right lol

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