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Uselessmark 08-04-2013 05:30 PM

just put 04 engine in my 03 couple quirks questions ???
hey guys any help would be apreciated here.
so i spun a brearing on my 120k 03 wrx i got a engine from an 150k 04 better shape heads than mine assuming all 2.0 no issues should occur.... brand new exedy oem clutch and light fly too and removed everything A/C as lines were already cut so u know what was altered during the swap. other mods info my 03 had an up pipe down pipe and full cat delete with prodrive tip oversized top mount aem short ram intake. i bought the car with this as well as she boosted a full 16.5 lbs smooth and with what i assumed was a tuned ecu becuz with all this cat delete there was no cels ever until my bearing spun and i completely lost a cylinder. so thats that info.... so i did the motor swap done plenty in my life celica alltrac rx7 turbo hondas jeeps so was very basic as the motor is easy to transplant. after done she started right up 2nd try... i swaped fuel feed and return on my first try lol. sounds smooth no knocks idles perfect purrs like a kitten. vacuum/boos gauge reads normal temp good heat in the car everything checks out..... went for test drive and shes got low boost only 12lbs with 3rd gear stuffed and seems sluggish as well. after returning home poped the hood and the faintest whistle coming from id say between the coolant fill jug and the throttle plate. i removed alt and made sure the lil vacuum lines down ther were all snug and checks all the lines on my turbo-intake connector tube no issues. also not sure if its related my boost gauges now also whistles when on the boost side. any ideas i kno sounds like a vac leak but my gauge idles 20 vac which was normal on my old motor any common probs between the year differance in engines or the ecu. just take time to relearn the engine?? help please i want my full boost back.

psinuse 08-04-2013 06:53 PM

Try checking the vacuum lines for any pinches or any that might be hooked up to non vacuum ports. We've all done the fuel lines backwards....sadly I've done it

Uselessmark 08-05-2013 09:29 PM

any ideas on why it sounds like a strong whistle from my boost gauge on my piller. i checked the fittings and theyre all sound its when im getting up to boost the thing whistles like its reacting to the vaccume leak/ lack of boost. also is there anyone out there with a thread to a vaccum diagram i think i may have swapped the lines coming outta my boost pressure sensor and my waste gate isnt opening fully or something...... ive also heard a stuck or bad IAC could cause the whistle im hearing which would also caus a boost lag..... on first start of the day or when shes cold rpm spike to 1500 then sputter at 300 almost die for a few seconds then level out at 800 amd fine as long as at op temp.

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