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High_Revin 05-06-2003 05:21 PM

Help!! Possible Power Loss??
Hey all,

I have just become a proud owner of a slightly used 2002 Rex (42,000 KM or 26,000 Miles). The power on the car is great up untill about 6200 RPM, where the car seems to stop pulling (accelerating), but the engine still rev's higher all the way to the redline.

After reading articles and people's driving experiences I have come to the conclusion that the car is supposed to keep on pulling all the way to the redline.

I am wondering if there are any problems that may occur on a car with this type of milage. I know there are allot of knowledgeable WRX owners in this forum, so I thought it would be a great place to ask.

Does anyone know of any power loss problems that may occur? How to fix them, or things I could try? Am I just greedy for more power? Probably! But who isn't? If so what kind of mods can I start out with on my Rex to make it faster? And if I do will my warranty void (I bought an extended 5 year warranty on the car)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kobiyashi 05-06-2003 06:27 PM

Sounds to me like the turbo boost drops then... has the car been modded in any way?

High_Revin 05-06-2003 07:45 PM

No mods have been done to the car, it is strickly stock. Can you think of any other scenario's? Maybe the car wasn't maintained properly?

High_Revin 05-06-2003 08:36 PM

Turbo boost drop? That could be it, but how could that happen?

fc735 05-06-2003 08:45 PM

wear....abuse...alot of reasons. get a good boost gauge and see if the boost drops at that rpm. if so.....could be wastegate staring to get weak, or many other things. more reasons to add new up/down pipes, new turbo...etc...its addictive. as for do anything underhoos, VOID!! especially with extended warranty companies. believe me....i deal with them all day at work. one of the bigest ripoffs ive ever seen. but...oh well. the amount you spend on it is usually the cost of a new engine or trans....and they look for any reason to not pay. my advice is to try to cancel, and use that money for power parts!!!!!! or set it aside...whatever. hope this helps, post if not it

Kobiyashi 05-07-2003 10:10 AM

Boost is controlled from the ECU and it could have been reflashed (only reason I asked about mods) I have my boost taper off from 5500+ (running 18 lbs though). I would get a good boost gauge and look at it. It could several other reasons for the power loss. Do you hear any engine noise at that rpm range (or a steady purr?) The BOV could be leaking (but you would see that on the boost gauge you installed) or the wastegate could be faulty/abused.

Hope this helps...

High_Revin 05-07-2003 02:30 PM

Thanks for the help fellas,

I guess I need to get a good boost gauge to help identify the problem. Can you recommend a good place to buy one? Internet? How much I am looking at? Is the install complicated or can I do it myself?

Thanks again for the help.

Kobiyashi 05-08-2003 08:55 PM

Get a Blitz Dual Turbo Timer 90 bucks, then you kill 2 birds with one stone, it seems very accurate on my 03 WRX.

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