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Brockton 05-11-2013 08:19 PM

Electric issues after guage install
I installed a boost gauge on my 08 wrx. I have the power wires tapped into the fuse box, both wires are tapped into the acc fuse. I messed with the door fuse as well when wiring it, but decided not to use it for constant power. Now the problem I'm having is that the boost gauge works like its supposed to, but now my door locks won't work, on the key chain or the power lock inside, the red ignition ring wont light up, the hill assist off light is on, the seatbelt warnings are on, and my tmps light flashes and stays on.

My guess was a blown fuse, but I checked all the small ones under the hood, all look good, and all the ones I messed with inside look good. Any ideas?

Also tried undoing tap and putting fuse box back the way it was, no luck

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