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Angry Drivetrian problems on front end of '02 WRX

So I've been having this oscillating humming noise coming from the front passenger side. So I figured (after research and talking with other local WRX owners) that it was the CV or the wheel bearing.

So I left the car sitting for about 1 1/2 weeks while I got the parts to replace the CV and bearing. I drove my car about 1 mile to my garage so I could the work. After checking in, I proceed to drive to my stall but now my front passenger wheel is locked and dragging now. After a couple minutes I decide I can make it the 100ft to the service stall. As I'm slowly letting the clutch out to go the car doesn't want to forward (like the e-brake was on). To pissed to care I continue to try and move forward until BANG!Cry! (metallic sounding)!! The car jumps forward (like a drag launch) and now I have a metallic grinding sound from the general front passenger side.

I take the front right knuckle and CV off, press out the bearing/hub and inspect all suspect parts:

-Wheel bearing had alot of play in the cage and the roller bearings were scored and discolored from heat. It was also easy to pull the cage off the bearing because the play was so severe.
-CV had minor wear but looked go, and both joints had freedom of movement from what I could tell

Replaced all parts (bearings were greased like crazy and fully seated, new CV fully seated) and now I have some kind of clanking or clicking sound coming from the front right area of my car. Bearing not installed correctly?

When my car made the bang, was that the transmission that went bang and not a seized up wheel bearing? All the gears felt like that had freedom of movement after the bang

I've been fortunate up until now to have never had wheel bearings or transmissions go bad on me, so I don't know the symptoms that well other than hearsay.

What would a shop charge for wheel bearing replacement on the car (labor only)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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