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05wrxcm 04-03-2013 09:57 PM

Clutch slipping?
So my 05 wrx seems to have this weird issue, mostly in 2nd and 3rd but will do it in all gears. When my turbo starts to spool I no longer get power to the wheels as effectively(I guess I should say) it will grab after a little bit or if I let off the accelerator it will catch again. I normally smell burning oil (I will get to how its related), while my friends just smells burning and is convinced it's just my clutch. My diagnosis is that my main seal is going and the oil pressure gets high enough where it goes into where the clutch is; my evidence is 1. My oil slowly disappears (not to the extent that I need to add ant between oil changes but very noticeable), no leaks, good compression, turbo seals fine 2. When i change or need to add oil it happens more than when there is less oil 3. I took my car to my dad's friends shop to have him check the rear diff he says its fine. I have yet to take my tranny off and check to see if there is anything wrong.
Thanks for your time just needing some other opinions before I get to work

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