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Unhappy Tranni issues

I'm own a 2000 Integra which I'm in the process of replacing. I debated between a RSX and a WRX. At the end I decided to go with the WRX, for the better performance, AWD, and 4 doors.

I ordered a 2004 WRX with the new looks. While waiting for the car to arrive, my friend warned me not to buy WRX It has too many issues, 3rd piston overheating due to the turbo location, transmission issues, clutch issues. I started to research the net, and I found this website. My concern is with the Trani. I drive my Integra aggressively; it has some mods, such as CAI intake, and exhaust. I never had any problems with my Integra at all.

Most likely Ill be driving my next car the same way, and I plan to modify it somehow. After reading all the complaints about the WRXs transmission, Im having second thoughts. I do not want to pay big bucks for cars that its not worth $ 38,000 CAN (25,000 US).

I asked the Subaru dealer if they had any Transmissions issues. They said they had one, which the owner was drag racing, but Subaru of Canada covered the repair. Either Subaru of America is being unfair or there is other issues SOA is not covering. Im worry about the transmission breaking down, not if Subaru will fix it under warranty. What can you tell me for the 2004 WRXs? I do not want to make a decision I might regret. Im in love with these new WRXs but I do not need any headaches.

Thanks in advance.

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yes the wrx does have some problems. it is not a drag car. if you treat it like one you may have some serious problems. if you try to crank to boost too high, without the proper mods, you will also run into problems. i can't keep saying this enough to people. if you want to go fast shit is gonna break. an rsx is not going to break like a wrx will for the simple fact that the car is not as complicated or highly tuned. you can't tune an rsx to anywhere near the level of a wrx. i like the rsx and consider it to be a very good car, but of a different sort and for different reasons.
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plain and simple - chipped teeth = abuse.
there is no way the teeth of the gears get chipped any other way

if you bought your car used, good chance YOU didnt do the damage.

but subaru, after viewing a chipped gear or gear missing teeth,
has every right to deny any and all claims.
they dont just chip themselves....

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transmission problems that involve broken teeth are due to three things. two have nothing to due with abuse. someone is either ignorant or uninformed about proper shifting technique, or you are racing the piss out of it. shifting poorly isn't abuse, it is stupidity. racing and things breaking is a fact of life. i suppose subaru could be held responsible if when they sold the car to you they represented it as a race car. my dealer never told me i was buying a race car. i believe he called it a peppy little grocerie getter. he also said to watch out or i'll be going "stupid fast" before i knew it.

the third cause for broken teeth is a real bad day. you decided to take it out on your car, so you drove all the way home and never used the clutch once.
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Originally posted by Subie Gal
so reverse is the chipped gear?

um... reversed is not synchronized.
do you know what that means?

that means you're likely grinding it into gear.
therein lies your issue.
i wish you luck.

and... thespraint ...why dont you get your own avatar?
immitation is the best form of flattery but outright copying is lame

according to the factory reverse is synchronized.
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