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thespraint 01-20-2003 06:15 PM

Check Engine
Hi Guys,

I have a 02 WRX and that damn light just won't go out!!! I have tightened the gas cap way past 30 clicks and the light still won't go out...Any ideas?!?!?


TWS 01-24-2003 03:37 AM

Run the code...

thespraint 01-24-2003 07:07 PM

Sorry but how would I go about doing that??

mikeWRX 01-24-2003 07:44 PM

Go to either the dealership or autozone. They can use an obd2 scanner to pull the code from the connector under the steering column.

TWS 01-24-2003 10:20 PM

If you know anyone that works at Jiffy Lude- they have the scanner as well.

thespraint 01-27-2003 08:54 PM

Sorry for the delay guys...I had to get the car checked out.
The codes that the garage gave me were P0-462 and P0-457.
The 462 one is Feul level sens circuit low volt .
457 is Evaporative emission control system leak detected...
Can anyone explain this to me in english please?!?!?


TWS 01-28-2003 12:52 AM

[U][B]The 462 one is Feul level sens circuit low volt .[/B] [/U] - a.k.a Fuel Cut

[U][B]457 is Evaporative emission control system leak detected[/B] [/U] - Once again, cause by fuel cut...

thespraint 01-28-2003 05:55 AM

ok. this would mean that I'm losing gas somewhere or something is blocked somewhere? Sorry if this sounds stupid to you but I am a little new here!

thanx anyways

TWS 01-28-2003 07:37 AM chance do you have a manual boost controller? If not, what setup do you have?

thespraint 01-28-2003 09:15 AM

The WRX is totally stock with no MODs whatsoever...

TWS 01-29-2003 01:24 PM

ok...maybe I made a mistake on the original diagnosis.

One more question. How many times have you filled up your gas tank, while your car was running?

thespraint 01-29-2003 02:57 PM

Almost all the time actually... The last few days have been pretty cold so I leave it running...think that has something to do with it?!?!?

mikeWRX 01-29-2003 05:23 PM

Yes it does. The WRX has a sensor to make sure the fuel tank is pressurized (i.e. doesn't leak or have holes). Since you fill up with the car running the sensor stays on and detects that as a leak in the system. Turn the car off before refueling and CEL will go away after a while and this won't happen anymore.

thespraint 01-29-2003 09:22 PM

Well I'll give this a try...thanx a lot for your trouble!!

koki 03-05-2003 01:22 PM

try what mike wrx told you to ,after diconecting the negative cable from the batery and waitnig for 10sec then conect it back this should turn your eng light off what this do is clears the codes

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