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Daze_WRX 08-14-2010 05:23 PM

CEL P0102 and P0113!
I had cylinder 1 and 3 misfire codes on my 02 wrx. I had replaced the NKG R spark plugs with AutoLite double platinum plugs and the fuel filter and now my car does not want to stay on. The only way it stays on is if I repeatedly press the gas (Makes this weird popping noise every other time I press the gas and won't rev up more than 2800 RPM) and if I don't it will just stall out. I plugged the computer back in and got the P0102 Code (MAF/VAF Air Flow circuit low input) and P0113 (Intake Air Temperature circuit high input).The only mod on this car is an AEM cold air intake. Could someone please help with this.

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