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junjun_type_ra 03-20-2014 06:56 PM

broke number 4 piston twice
I got a Subaru impreza wrx type ra 2000. it came with a ej207 engine in it, after 2 days of driving it broke the number 4 piston, after a couple of months I bought a longblock and replaced the old engine, again after 1 day of riding it broke the same piston again, what can be the issue here? help ple:crying:ase

arcticscythe 03-20-2014 07:36 PM

We're going to need ALOT of information before we can begin to help you out,

1st things first you got yourself into a 2000 WRX with a block swap to a 207 instead of the OEM 205? and your enjoying driving for a few days.

2nd Your driving down the road and what happened? What do you mean piston "Broke". did you throw an error code? Did it seize? Did you blow a bearing? Did you crack the outside face of the piston? lots of smoke? Did the car suddently grind to a halt?

3rd after that you sat on it for a few months and decided to build up a longblock, did you use parts salvaged from your old build? crank, bearings, rods, pullys, valvetrain? did you buy new parts? which parts did you buy? Did you follow any sort of break-in procedure?

Im sorry to ask you for your whole life story but i cant help much with my engine is broke and i replaced it and it broke again...

If you can provide us with a lot more detail I'm sure the guys on here would be more than willing to help. /sarcasm/ if you dont have any more details then it sounds like your flux capacitor is blown, that would definitly cause piston 4 to break /end sarcasm/

junjun_type_ra 03-20-2014 10:02 PM

ok here's the deal, I imported a jdm Subaru impreza wrx type ra year 2000 from japan, when the car arrived, I drove it for 2 days, but hardly past the 4000 rpm, the 2nd day allot smoke came out the exhaust, and the engine started to sound like there were screws inside the cylinder, so I parked the car and it stayed there until I got enough money to fix it, my car came from japan with a ej207 engine in it. when I decided to pull out the engine I found that cylinder number 4 head a broken piston in it, and it damaged the sleeve of the engine blokc, last week I bought a ej206 from a guy, and I swapped the engine in it, using my intake manifold and my turbo ect, so basically I used my wiring and everything, because the ej206 was from a legacy B4 and as you know they are twin turbo's ect,, today a started the car up, after warming up, the car started to sound like something is maybe broken in the cylinder number 4, and the cylinder number 4 is the same cylinder number that I found a broken piston in on the other engine (ej207), and also today the car started smoking very lightly from the exhaust , the sound is more in the 1000 rpm to the 3000 rpm,, @ 4000 rpm the sound is gone,, hope that's enough info.. thanks in advance for the help

LW_Black4 03-21-2014 11:32 AM

What octane fuel are you using? The proper fuel octane is critical to avoid detonation.

Also any oil that gets into the intake will reduce the effective octane of any fuel.

arcticscythe 03-21-2014 11:35 AM

What parts did you use when you were rebuilding the 206? it is very odd that a forged piston would fail on first run unless there was something very strange going on. What is more un-usual is that you said it goes away at higher RPMs, personally I wouldn't have revved it if it sounded like that but if it quiets down at higher RPM you may have a malfunctioning oil pump, it may sound bad because its running very dry until you put more stress on the pump. Just a theory, another would be valve train related.Any chance you are using your old valve train, old valves, springs or retainers? I have heard of pistons nailing valves that either are not installed correctly, are the incorrect length for a block, or do not match the piston face. that may be what sounds like nails rolling around in there.

If the new piston really did fail right off the start you may have some recourse with the manufacturer. I would recommend opening it up to take a look, knowing that everything is new from the intake manifold on lets us do some real detective work.

let us know what you find when you open it up and we can help you to prevent it in the future.

junjun_type_ra 03-21-2014 02:36 PM

where I live here we only have 1 type of fuel my friend, the engine that I placed in my car was almost plug and play,i only used my intake manifold so I can use my wiring ect, only thing I did to the engine was close a oil line for the second turbo, because as you know the engine was from a legacy twin turbo B4

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