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zZzZz 10-15-2012 02:58 AM

Bad compression / Need advice
Hi everyone,

I just bought a 2002 wrx wagon not long ago. Had some time to do a compression test but the results were not great:

Passenger Side: 150 & 145
Driver SidE: 120 & 120

The car doesn't smoke, power is good, idle is good, no hesitation.

What do you guys think? Rebuild or keep driving and be easy on it?

pzr2874 10-15-2012 05:52 AM

Have you looked into a used block yet? And maybe build this one at your leisure?

mosc 10-15-2012 09:41 AM

that's enough to run. Just drive it. It might hold on a lot longer than you think.

zZzZz 10-15-2012 12:46 PM

I mainly use the car for weekend trips (short 100-200 miles trips) that are mostly highway miles. I drive my car very mildly. Would it be a bad idea to put a catless downpipe and uppipe on there and go w a stage 2 cobb ap flash? I'm currently running a stage 1 flash and have all the parts for the stage 2 stuff, but thought I'll do a compression check first ... and... yeah ...

Meanwhile, I can contemplate about a STI swap somewhere down the road.

Just to add, I might be due for a timing belt service... not sure if that can be a cause as well (maybe a skipped a tooth or two?)


psinuse 10-15-2012 02:46 PM

How many time did you do the test? I test each cylinder 3 times.

zZzZz 10-15-2012 03:23 PM

I did the whole test twice... I took 3 readings per cylinder :(

psinuse 10-15-2012 03:37 PM

Hmmmmm.... I just find it odd that you have low compression on one side and they are the same.

zZzZz 10-15-2012 03:42 PM

do you think it can be cause by the timing being off?

psinuse 10-15-2012 06:38 PM

Unless the cams themselves spun, no because all of your numbers would be low....Give me a second and I will try and figure it out...

BLAZE2099 10-15-2012 07:01 PM

Read up on this a bit,
F'd up coil packs
Bad head gasket

Those were the two main causes for this to happen.

My research took me to other vehicle forums ( not wrx) but motors are motors.

OP, GL;)

zZzZz 10-15-2012 07:07 PM

thanks for the help!!! I really appreciate it! :)

BLAZE2099 10-15-2012 08:09 PM

NOTE: could also mean other things as well, those I listed were the common ones.

Just wondering, how's your oil?
Are you burning it?
Does it have discoloration or signs of having antifreeze or water in it? (Foamy white)

psinuse 10-15-2012 08:33 PM

I just find it odd that both numbers are the same...which makes me think it's not a head gasket.... it isnt the coil packs either that would cause misfires....head gasket would cause idling issues as would timing belt jumping....

BLAZE2099 10-16-2012 02:42 AM

I agree, or possibly a cracked head. There should be other signs though.

zZzZz 10-17-2012 02:38 AM

fml .... today I got P0302 and P0304 ... misfire on cylinder 2 and 4 .... the 2 w/ the low compression? this happened the moment I turned the car on today ... was fine yesterday... though I did start noticing a slight hesitation at idle when it was cold... what to do now?

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