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3BABY 12-11-2013 10:43 PM

94 WRX GF8 Engine Laggy down low - Help with Solenoids etc please
Hi all,

im new here, so please be gentle.. :-) i have recently purchased a 94 GF8 WRX that came complete with a blown engine, after rebuilding the engine (it had blown a big-end bearing) and dropping the engine back in, upon running it up and down a road a couple times it seems rather laggy down low, between around 2-3.5K RPM, i had previously had use of a later model GF8 (around 97 ) and this one seemed to be allot more responsive down low. given that i had not driven the vehicle before and have never driven a earlier model WRX before, does this sound correct?

also i have put a good condition seconds hand turbo on the engine, as the one that came with it was very messed up. i did notice that the Wastegate Control Solenoid valve has one of its pipes connected to nothing but at the atmosphere, im assuming as the previous owner had put an aftermarket intake pipe between MAF meter and the turbo, that maby this connect here? please see attached pics, the pipe im referring to is pointed to by Green arrow, going to Wastegate solenoid (pointed to by pink arrow), im prity sure i have the Pressure exchange solenoid connected properly (blue arrow), and (orange arrow) is Pressure sensor correct? could anyone suggest a place to connect this hose to?


also (another attached pic) there is another hose that seems to go nowhere, that is coming from two pipes with one-way valves in them (light grren and dark green arrows in pic 2), off the front right side of the engine (drivers side) did this go to a carbon filter that no longer exists in my enigne bay? is it going to be an issue if it connected to nothing? (pink arrow in pic 2)


psinuse 12-12-2013 06:31 PM

Give me a couple minutes to find a diagram, but I do believe the green arrow line is suppose to connect to the turbo inlet pipe right by the MAF sensor. The pink one I have no idea.

psinuse 12-12-2013 06:35 PM


This is about as close as I could get....

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