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2003 wrx question

i am wondering if it is normal in second and third gear for my engine rpms to raise after i push the clutch in and my foot is out of the gas. i have driven stick for 6 years and noticed that my car seems to hop up about 500 rpm after i push the clutch in even if i am certiant my foot isnt on the gas. it seems to be most noticable when the i have half-3/4 throttle , i feel boost, and then quickly let off the gas and disenguage the clutch. the car has 583 miles on it and i have just started using the the turbo in the 3-4k range a bit. i was really grandma driving with quarter throttle all the time in the past and never noticed it. the car is completly stock. any info would be great.

also, y is the first to second gear ratio so so uncomfertably long and how do you shift the car under power. i am used to my supra's and camaro's trannys that are also 5 speeds but have a close ratio first to second where i can just WOT shift. in the past i have beaten to doodoo outa my cars but i am tring to be nice to this car till i pay it off and i just havent found a comfertable way to get the clutch enguaged in second if i wind out first then the car does the rpm hop up thing and if i start letting in the clucth i feel uncomfortable.

lastly what lube should i use in the rear dif. i have read around and seen some ppl recomend mt-90 for the tranny which i have always used in my supra's and like alot and will continue to use it, the stock tranny fluid wont allow my car to shift in the morning when it is single didgits. but what rear end and motor oils are recomended. i am used to changing my oil regularly and plan to use synthetic in this car. generally change tranny dif fluid every other year which for me is about 10-15k miles.

thx for any info/advice
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I use Redline 70W90 gear oil in the tranny and rear diff. With the 70W90NS in the tranny cause it doesn't have friction modifiers. Otherwise you'll be grinding your shifts. Some people use the shockproof gear oil, I couldn't find this when I was looking though.


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My guess:

Inertia of the flywheel. You push in the clutch and suddenly there's much, much less resistance on the engine, so it speeds up a bit due to inertia. Then slow back down. My car does the same thing, always has.

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hrmm interesting. thx for the responses guys. lastly i wonder if anyone could tell me how to shift from 7000 rps in first to 3750 rps in second under power. i presume you need to slip the hell out of the clutch but just wondering. if ppl have any input thx
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plus remember this is a hydraulic clutch, so it might feel a little differnt
from that assist. just like if you bog the launch on this car, youll notice
the clutch engagement aint like the cable units.
so when you slip the clutch, it smeeells. and bogs.
I wonder if it had a cable clutch then if it bogged, you can recover a little better. but i think the hydraulic is for longetivity of life for the clutch.
That's what they told me for my KTM dirt bikes. at first I didnt like those
hydraulic clutchs, because this is a dirt bike. but after riding it's much better, less effort
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rex clutches take some time to break in and get used to. are you sure that your foot is really off the gas. my car did the same thing before i realized i was in a bad driving position. my foot was still slightly on the gas which caused me to go up in rpm slightly when i engaged the clutch and would occassionally make the car shutter when going into second. the clutch needs to be fully depressed before moving out of gear. hard shifting requires more clutch work than most cars in order to be smooth. remember you have two differentials not one.
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