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hitmanwrx 07-10-2003 07:20 AM

2003 WRX ECU air fuel gauge installation
I recently installed an autometer air fuel gauge on my 03 wrx and it is not working correctly. I installed it to B17 (white wire) on the ecu and the gauge does not respond to the throttle at all. It just sweeps back and forth erratically. When driving all the gauge does is jump from all the way lean to all the way rich. I know ive probably screwed something up in the wiring so if anyone has any insight on this... please help


awdturbo04 07-10-2003 10:51 AM

i think i have the sam one as you installed in my 04 wrx. basicley when your is just crusing or at idle it dosent get a correct reading. i found that this web site helped a lot in explaining why it dose this
for wiring i got the pin outs here

i hope this helps if you have any more questions just pm me

Cosmo 07-10-2003 12:38 PM

We've tried all the wires for the O2 sensor and no luck. Anyone have any suggestions? Joey?

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hitmanwrx 07-10-2003 12:43 PM

yeah i hooked it up to to the front O2 sensors and it didnt do anything. THen i reinstalled it to the rear sensor signal wire (B17 white wire)and it is still acting very erradically. I contacted autometer and they told me that their gauge is incompatible with the 2003 o2 sensor. They told me i would have to purchase their o2 kit to get a true reading. ($130) please tell me which wire on the ECU you have hooked up to your gauge.

thanks again

awdturbo04 07-10-2003 01:30 PM

i used the front 02 sensor positive side it is d19 and it is a white wire. worked fine for me i dont know which autometer gauge it is my friend gave it to me. when your looking at the diagram rember that this is with the female end facing to you.

SloRice 07-10-2003 02:12 PM

Before I got my gauges, I called autometer on the same question. The guy there said that the autometer A/F gauge isn't compatible with the stock A/F sensor on subaru's b/c the gauge reads a wide band signal and the stock sensor is a narrow band signal.....or vice versa, I forget. Whereas most other cars run the same signal as the autometer gauge, hence no problems. So basically, to run an autometer A/F gauge, you need their A/F sensor also. Probably not what you wanted hear, but thats what they told me. The guy I talked to seemed pretty knowledgable and explained it pretty well to me, so I dont think he was taking me for a ride and getting me to buy more stuff. Hope this helps.


hitmanwrx 07-10-2003 03:46 PM

yeah me and cosmo were chatting about the location of the sensor and he was helping me through it. I installed it to D19 positive front O2 and it just lit 1 bar on rich. I have the ultralite A/F gauge. weird how it works on some and not on others. Oh well thanks for all your help and im just going to keep tinkering with it.

hitmanwrx 07-10-2003 03:48 PM

also the guy at autometer told me i should solder the wire in and im using a vampire clip to connect cause im not thrilled about soldering on my ECU

hitmanwrx 07-10-2003 03:57 PM

thanks tim!!! got the same story

fc735 07-10-2003 09:35 PM

for the others.....if your gona do an AF gauge..add a bung and another sensor. if ou tap off of the stock o2 sensor, it MAY pull the voltage down a slight bit, affecting the AF ratio. best bet is to add a seperate sensor, and if your gonna do that....if you can afford it.....get a wideband tuning sensor. 500-1000 bucks, though.....not for the average person. only for main tuners....or rich newbies!!! any other ?'s, AIM, PM, or Email me


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