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jackblack 05-02-2013 06:21 PM

07 Wrx stutter and stumble
So it's been awhile since I've been on here for anything so let me update about my car before I get into my problem. My car has forged pistons in it (due to a cylinder 4 issue last year), greddy tbe, a bigger tmic with the silicone y-pipe that came with it, a 3-port ebcs, a cobb short ram intake (not using cobb ap, but got the intake), and then it's been tuned through opensource by Now here recently i've had to have the map sensor, maf sensor, and the turbo inlet hose replaced (factory parts).

After I got the car back from the dealership after replacing the map sensor was when i started having my problems with it. Around 3500 to 4000 rpms whether im full throttle or just enough to build boost up it will stutter and just feels like my car is literally crapping out. I've checked all my lines and hoses and can't find any leaks. I plan on getting a smoke test done by the dealership but they've just recently drained my pockets on the other stuff so I gotta wait until I get paid again before I can do that, but I'm hoping I can find the problem before I have to spend more money. I've read where some people have had problems kind of like this and they all have had different solutions to fix theirs. I've tried to get the dealership to take it back and look at it for free, but they say they didn't touch anything but the map sensor so it couldn't be there fault and most of ya'll know how that goes. I just don't understand what could've caused my car to go from driving great just having problems cranking due to the bad map sensor and then we get the map sensor fixed and now it sucks.

I can somewhat here a whistle when giving my car throttle while driving and I was wondering if it could be a bad bpv or if a bad bpv would even cause my symptons. If anybody could give me some insight on this or maybe had a situation like mine and figured it out that would help me. I love my car but I am beyond stressed about this crap and just don't know what else to do.

Haw1es 05-02-2013 06:32 PM

Jack, I have a '10 wrx that may have had a similar problem. Mine is stock for engine mods and had severe hesitation and stuttering. Dealer finally found it was a dirty injector, had to wipe it off to get it clean. They had the car for 3 days to find the issue, I know how much it sucks to have your car do that. Look at the injectors, possibly plugs too.
Hope that helps!

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jackblack 05-02-2013 06:57 PM

I'll definitely look at them tm and see if that will help. Is there a particular way i need to wipe them off or just simply just wipe them with a rag? I changed my plugs about 5 months ago, but ill check them again just to be on the safe side. Appreciate the input

jackblack 05-04-2013 07:29 PM

so i was running logs on my car cause it was still doing the same thing after messing with the injectors and i decided to click on my tumble valve position sensors to read their volts. one is getting 0.46 volts and the other is getting 0.36 volts is this normal? to me it would make sense if these arent moving to allow more air at hard throttle that i would get the problem im getting, but if im wrong someone please correct me and also let me know if the volts are right or too low.

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