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WRXforME 09-02-2010 04:36 PM

04 WRX with Accessport tuning failing emissions test because of "readiness"
Hey guys,

I just went and had my car emissions tested at the same place I did two years ago, even the same kid did it. I was confident my vehicle would pass because I have the Cobb Accessport blocking the CEL from coming on, which would cause me to fail. I haven't done a single thing to my car in the last two years. My car is heavily modded now, and was then, as well.

I failed because 2 of the 10 or so monitors were "Not Ready" to give any feedback to the tester so its an auto-fail. They pretty much accused me of resetting the battery and driving it to them, even though thats not true, and I could even prove it with the 960 miles that were on the tachometer since I've reset it. They told me to drive it like 50 miles and come back. But I know that wont do anything because I know Ive driven it 960 miles since its been reset.

Of the 10 monitors that there are, the 2 that were not ready are the "Oxygen Sensor" and the "Catalyst". I could be wrong, but these seem like the 2 sensors that are being blocked by the Accessport so I dont get a CEL for my exhaust.

Did the technology somehow change in the last 2 years and now its realizing that the Accessport is altering something in my cars computer?

Im debating whether or not I should reset my ECU again and do the recommended drive cycle and then bring it straight to them. I mean, if the monitors werent "ready" in 1k miles, they arent going to be ready at all, I wouldnt think..

Anyone have any ideas?


man show 09-02-2010 10:49 PM

I'd drive it 50 miles and see what happens. What's the next step if you auto-fail again?

RcrsWetDream 09-03-2010 09:44 AM

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Did you remove a sensor (maybe a catless up pipe mod) since last time? I would assume even though the code is deleted, removing a sensor has to set off a flag on the ecu.

WRXforME 09-03-2010 06:09 PM

If I auto-fail again, I dont know what the next step is, really. Maybe try a different shop.

I haven't done a single thing to my car in over 2 years

man show 09-04-2010 12:40 AM

Yeah, try driving it 50 miles to another shop maybe. If it passed before and you didn't do a single thing (mod-wise) between then and now, something's up. It should be able to pass again - unless the standards or testing procedures have changed? Hmm, I really don't know what to tell you.

Hondafan 09-04-2010 01:28 AM

If you change maps even it will go into "not ready" mode. The shop should retest the car for free too. You don't have to disconnect the battery to reset the codes. An AP can also clear those codes which would not allow it to go through its full cycle. Have you even changed maps or anything in the last little while (Valet, Economy Mode, etc.?) That's my input. Regarding the testing, shops try to tell you that it's somehow linked and you can't get it tested at another shop, but that's a lie, at least it is in Utah. Just make sure that you don't do any changes with the AP in that time.

If you haven't changed anything on the AP lately, then I would do like you were saying and reset it and really it doesn't usually take 50 miles to finalize its settings. Usually for me it's about 20 miles or so. If you know anyone with a code reader they'll have a readiness test on them too. Good luck. If you were in Utah I'd have you swing by and I'd let you use mine.

WRXforME 09-04-2010 03:02 PM

Thanks for the input. I think Im going to reset the codes using my AP and then drive it for a few days and then go back in for my free retest.

Most CEL readers have a readiness monitor? I didnt know that, maybe my brother has one so I can see if its ready.

Does resetting the codes using the AP cause all of the monitors to reset as well?

decsrex 09-08-2015 05:40 PM

I know this is an old thread but did you end up passing? Im fearing my emissions test here in Maryland as I recently installed a catless down pipe.

arcticscythe 09-09-2015 09:42 AM

[quote=decsrex;530338]I know this is an old thread but did you end up passing? Im fearing my emissions test here in Maryland as I recently installed a catless down pipe.[/quote]

Catless pipes wont pass any state emissions test that requires a sniffer. If your state follows the CARB standard then you will most likely fail the sniffer portion of the test, and thats assuming the computer doesn't see the check engine light from your rear o2 sensor being out of whack.

It only takes a few hours to swap back in your catted down pipe. I would do that and quickly put a few hundred miles on the car just to let all the computers grab readings.

Hope that helps

RoboTuner 09-15-2015 10:55 AM

CARB testing when used with the "sniffer" checks for 5 gases, mostly HC and CO (and a bit of NOx), if you have it tuned for power you will run richer than the ECU was programmed for when the CARB testing was done. I would try what Artic said (catted) and staying out of boost or using valet mode to keep HC/CO down (NOx shouldn't be a problem because you're essentially running either WG pressure or 0lbs depending on your tune). Now about the readiness codes not showing up, those are for when the car is in open loop so unless you have a spoofer for your O2 sensor and/or tuning for open loop (up to around 3500 rpms) you will probably still fail in CARB testing.

CARB is used in almost all North Eastern states now, but usually is for newer cars than older cars (MY2015+ car in NY will fail if you have an intake/catless/tuning done and doesn't meet the 5gas testing, or so I've heard).

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