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WRXIE 08-20-2010 02:04 PM

04 wrx ac tension pulley replacement
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so i just need a lil advice on trying to change this pulley....i have attached pic of what im talking about but lets just get into what i need help with...
so i know how to take off the belts but when it comes to getting the pulley out im lost. do i take all three bolts out of the arm and pull the whole arm off thats holding the tension pulley in?? i need help asap guys( that noise is pissing me of like you have no idea) thanks for reading
'the first pic is of the pulley thats bad the second is what bolts i think i need to take out so that i can pull it out and replace it....

wagonracer 08-23-2010 08:33 AM

Release tension on the belt, remove the top two bolts and remove the arm that holds the pulley. With that off, you can replace the the squeaky, space-ship sounding annoyance, re-install the arm, re-tension and you're done. Make sure that the pulley isn't rubbing the timing cover, as I have seen them get bent and wear holes.

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