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03 WRX whining noise.( UPDATE WITH PICS)

My 03 WRX I've owned about 1.5yrs has 87,000 miles on it and about 4 days ago started to make a whirring sounds like a gyro while I was driving down the road. I knew I had a cv going bad on my passenger side because a boot got ripped about 3 months ago. I then went to Kragen and got my new cv and installed it. I thought that was making the noise. I put the new cv axle in and the noise is still there. It's not super loud, but loud enough to keep me noticing it the entire time I drive. I'm afraid to drive the car now.

- starts at around 35mph but gets a little louder by the time I get up to 60.
-happens in any gear that i've been 35 in that I can still hear it besides engine noise. So 3rd,4th, and 5th. 2nd is way to much engine noise at 35.
-still happens in neutral coasting
-still happens even with clutch in

-boost seems to be totally fine
-shifting still feels smooth, no clunks or weird noises. Clutch feels strong still.

I just got new tires installed and an alignment a day after the sounds started. So my tires should be at the right pressure. I will check in the morning though.

Just wanted to add this to I remembered when I woke up 10 min ago.

The day before it started happening I had to adjust my ride height/suspension. My coilovers were so stiff that even a 4 inch dip or rise going into a parking lot would make my car literally go on three wheels. In doing so I had to sag the rear end about an inch lower than the front so now my ass end is squatting to make the ride softer. Could the bad ride height be a the problem making the squeal as if I had oddly sized tires around the car?

I thought bearing to, but I took the wheel off I think the sound is coming from (middle or right side of car upfront) and there is no wiggling,it spins freely with no gritty sound.
Any thoughts?


My alignment. Please keep in mind this car has a slighty bent frame. I have camber bolts in as well as some aftermarket ebay coilovers. This is the best any alignment shop has been able to get it. Bought this car and it's been my worst nightmare. Remind me to not buy a car off the internet without seeing it first.

I'm thinking the diff is making the sound due to my right front. Maybe I have to raise everything back up and make it another hardtail harley again.Name:  IMG_20101116_110116.jpg
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Name:  IMG_20101116_110131.jpg
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Name:  2010-11-
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Really need some help guys. Snow's coming

It will kill me to not be able to drive it. That and It hurts having to drive my 14mpg pig around now.
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I know this is old but did you ever find out what it is? Mine started doing it too after I had an alignment done... I thought it was my tires (found a nail in one) had them replaced and no change.
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