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wagonracer 05-14-2007 12:38 AM

Track time, Woo Hoo !!
First of all, Happy Mother's day :)

I just couldn't wait for our next NASA event to get on track, so I went down to Albuquerque for an open track day at Sandia Motor Speedway hosted by Wallace Bow. I left at the crack of dawn to get down there in time for the drivers meeting. Wallace split us into 3 run groups based on approx lap times and experience level. There were four cars in the fastest run group, three Z06s and a modded 350Z. Most of us fell in the middle group, with an STI, two (yes two !) Ariel Atoms and a few others (7 total). Everybody else ran with the beginner group. It was well organized, and a great buch of people to meet and mingle with.

Not much to report on the car since I haven't made any changes lately except the front lip, but the track speeds at Sandia aren't high enough to get any aero benefit. My top speed at the end of the fairly short front straight was "only" around 90 mph. The Hankooks are still sticking very well, however it's getting hotter and the medium compound is wearing faster because of it. I had to run street pads since I haven't gotten my EBC yellow stuffs yet. The PBR ultimates are still doing amazingly well considering that they aren't recommended for track use.

I ran five sessions (15-20 minutes each) and decided I had better save some rubber for a Time Attack event in two weeks at Arroyo Seco Raceway, and NASA RM at La junta the following weekend. I'm definitely getting more confident at the track, which has some pretty intimidating things to hit, if you go off. Cement walls and stuff like that !! My times at Sandia have steadily dropped down from the high 1:40s to 1:39. Timing was done with a stop watch since the track's T&S gear is just getting installed. The STI and I matched each others pace, swapping spots and trying to pull away from each other, unsuccesfully. That made me feel good, but he was on street rubber, so I couldn't get too smug. Playing a little lead and chase is lots of fun, and a good way to find where you can push a little harder (without forgetting about the walls)

I had a blast, and anybody interested should check for upcoming dates. He holds track days about once a month. All you need is a helmet, and a car that you think will stay on track safely. Thanks to my sponsors for helping me have so much fun
Lisa's import performance service
Jack-Wrap-It express

The photos were taken by a very nice guy from NastySocks... Thanks Josh




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