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lClutchl 07-30-2013 06:26 AM

Time Trial/Time Attack - Waterford Hills Raceway August 10-11
[b][size=5]Time Trial Competition: 8/10-8/11[/size][/b]

[b][i]This is a new competition designed for Open Track/Autocross vehicles and participants! [/i][/b]

[color=#0000BF][b]Waterford Hills is pleased to open up registration for it's inaugural Time Trial competition. If you're comfortable running at an Open Track Day or HPDE, this event is for you![/b][/color]

[b][u]How it works:[/u][/b]

[list][*]We will attach a transponder to your vehicle during the Tech Inspection[*]You'll complete a quick indoctrination course to explain how the event works (driver's meeting)[*]Participate in a timed practice session on Saturday Morning.[*]Choose your target lap time based on the timed practice session runs[*]We'll place you out on the track so you shouldn't encounter the other drivers based on your chosen time.[*]Drive your three sessions and try to get as close to your chosen time as you can.[*]Your best time from each session will be used to score your runs. The lower the differential, the better your score.[/list]

[b][u]Basic rules:[/u][/b][list][*]Point to pass rules... no driver may pass unless they are pointed by the leading driver.[*]HPDE-4 (Blue group) passing zones[*]MANDATORY blue flags - you have to let a car pass if you are shown a blue flag[*]NO wheel to wheel racing.[*]If you've run an Open Track Day at Waterford Hills, you already know 90% of the procedure![*]Registration is limited to 20 cars. There will be up to 2 run groups divided by chosen lap times.[/list]

[b][u]Track time:[/u][/b] [list][*]Saturday[list][*]Morning - 20 minute session: Qualification/Practice runs[*]Afternoon - 15-20 minute session: Timed Runs*[/list][*]Sunday[list][*]Morning - 15-20 minute session: Timed Runs*[*]Afternoon - 15-20 minute session: Timed Runs*[/list][*]*Session times may vary based on track schedule/maintenance issues[/list]

[url=]Click HERE to find out more/register for the 8/10-8/11 Time Trial competition[/url]

[i][b]Not ready for timed competitions? We have a couple of Open Track Days left this season:[/b][/i]
[url=]Waterford Hills August 25th Open Track[/url]
[url=]Waterford Hills October 13th Open Track[/url]

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