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wagonracer 03-11-2011 10:08 PM

Time for a track overhaul
Our first NASA (rocky mountain) weekend is coming up 3/19-3/20 so it is time to deal with all the noises and stuff that have really escalated this winter. So far, I discovered that my good old Grimmspeed high flow crossover pipe, from when Justin was making stuff in his basement, finally failed (four seasons on track and + 100K miles) I was wonder where that aggressive growl was coming from, and why my boost was a bit slow building....;)

Grimmspeed rocks, they're hooking me up with their new flex style X-over.

I discovered that most of the clunks are coming from my struts, which are still Koni sport inserts with Whiteline springs (270# f 230# r .....ish) They're also 4+ years old and over 100K. I have play in them which means I have a large range of dynamic camber variations going on (not too desirable) I'm kind of baffled by this, because the struts still work fine, no leaks etc. It feels like the play is where the shaft goes into the housing, but how those could be hogged out and still functioning is beyond me. My other theory is that the old strut housings have oval-ed out a little and the insert wiggles around in there a bit. I won't get the chance to rebuild those until after our first event. I'll post what I discover.

I also really need to do a re-seal on the tranny as it's hemorrhaging like you would expect after 178K miles. My poor old car....Now that I work at a shop, I understand why the cobbler has no shoes.

I already got the most important stuff done, new pads, rotors and ATE super yellow, a fresh change of Kendall liquid titanium, new coolant, replaced some clamps, crossover pipe O-rings, oil cooler seal, and swapped out the PS pump for a non-leaker.

I get to be a hooligan this first weekend on track, as we're training new instructor candidates and I'll be on last summers Sumitomos, which pretty much suck. I plan to finally cord them this time out, sliding as much as possible. I'm looking forward to some big fun. Not fast, but fun. Not sure what this summer's tires will be. I'm leaning towards RA-1s, those should be fairly fast.....

Hondafan 03-12-2011 12:24 AM

I'm so excited for the autoX season to finally kickoff again! Although I won't be prepared to participate on the 19th, unfortunately. Good luck with the repair work, and the start to the season!

sleepr 03-12-2011 02:52 AM

[quote=wagonracer;257822]....Now that I work at a shop, I understand why the cobbler has no shoes.....[/quote]

Well said ;)

..looking forward to hearing the results of your weekend!

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