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Feffman 12-28-2010 12:05 PM

MVP Track Time 2011 Schedule
[B][CENTER][SIZE="4"][COLOR="darkblue"]2011 MVP Track Time Schedule[/COLOR] [/SIZE][/CENTER][/B]

Good Day Fellow Track Fanatics:

MVP Track Time ([url][/url]) is excited to announce our 2011 track events. We hope to add a few new events as the year progresses.

MVP Track Time’s goal is to bring great value to you with more actual track time at each event for less money. Our three run groups (Novice, Intermediate and Advanced) allow us to maximize actual time driving on the track.

Below you will find our initial 2011 schedule, subject to possible revision as the year progresses with additional events.

[B][u]April 16 – 17[/u]: Putnam Park (Greencastle, IN.) - 5th Annual [COLOR="green"] [I]“Tax-Freedom Track Weekend”[/I][/COLOR]

[u]June 6[/u]: Autobahn Country Club (Joliet, IL) - [COLOR="darkblue"] Full 3.56 Mile Track [/COLOR]

[u]August 8[/u]: Autobahn Country Club II (Joliet, IL) - [COLOR="darkblue"] Full 3.56 Mile Track [/COLOR]

[u]October 15 - 16[/u]: Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI) – 2nd Annual [COLOR="darkorange"] [I]“Cheese Heads on Track”[/COLOR][/I]

[u]November 19 – 20[/u]: Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA) - 3rd Annual [I] [COLOR="red"] “Flyin’ Turkey Trot” [/COLOR][/I] [/B]

Registration (on line or mail in) for all our track events is available at:[INDENT][url][/url][/INDENT]
We schedule a minimum of six, 20-minute sessions for each of the three (Novice, Intermediate and Advanced) run groups daily with qualified instructors available for the Novice run group.

I hope you’ll join us in 2011 for plenty of on-track excitement with MVP Track Time. All are invited and welcome. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about any of our track events or if you are interested in working with MVP to host a track event near you.

Happy Motoring and I hope to see you at the track!

Mark Pfeffer - MVP Track Time
(314) 249-3770

Feffman 02-06-2011 07:52 AM

Good Morning All:

MVP has received a number of e-mails and calls asking about entry fees for our ([url][/url]) 2011 track events. This same information is on our web site, so no one is [I][B]"surprised”[/B][/I]. The dates and entry fees for our initial 2011 track events are listed below.

[B][u]April 16 – 17, 2011[/u]: Putnam Park: [COLOR="Green"] [INDENT]$340-Weekend [/INDENT][INDENT]$235-Single Day [/INDENT][/Color]

[u]June 6, 2011[/u]: Autobahn Country Club (FULL 3.56 mile track) - [COLOR="green"] $250 [/Color]

[u]August 8, 2011[/u]: Autobahn Country Club II (FULL 3.56 mile track) - [COLOR="green"] $250 [/color]

[u]October 15 – 16, 2011[/u]: Road America: [COLOR="Green"] [INDENT]$375-Weekend [/INDENT][INDENT]$250-Single Day [/INDENT][/Color]

[u]November 19 – 20, 2011[/u]: Road Atlanta: [COLOR="Green"] [INDENT]$400-Weekend [/INDENT][INDENT]$250-Single Day [/INDENT][/Color] [/B]

All info and registration is available on our [B][I] [color="blue"]"Track Day Registration"[/color][/I][/B] page of the web site at:[INDENT][url][/url] [/INDENT]
As always, we schedule a minimum of six, 20-minute run sessions for each of the three run groups daily. Complimentary, qualified instructors are available for the Novice drivers.

Please feel free to call (314) 249-3770 or e-mail [email][/email] if you need more information. All are welcome. Happy Motoring!


Feffman 05-03-2011 06:21 AM

We ([url][/url]) are already 1/2 full for [u]August 8th[/u] at Autobahn Country Club's full 3.56 mile road course. I hope to see the WRX gang at the track.


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