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July 29-30th Governor's Cup

Well this weekend I went down to Ohio State for the annual Governor's cup, a 2 day event. Day 1 is just a regular day of autocross, then day 2 every car runs three runs, then the winner of each class along with the remaining people who finished highest in indexed times fill up the list of 64. Those 64 run again and the top 32 indexed times move on. Those 32 run again and the top 16 indexed times draw out of a hat to pair up with somebody and a bracket is made. You race and your opponent races, and the person with the fastest indexed time moves on until one guy is left to win the cup. Every round of the Governor's cup portion only consists of 1 run so if you cone, you are screwed.

All in all the event was really cool. Friday night we came in and ended up staying at the shadiest hotel ever. We slept with lights on and window open in case somebody tried to steal our cars. When we pulled in, some bum woman asked me for $10 in gas money to visit her daughter who just had a baby in Virginia. Told her no, she went up to my buddy's car and told him that I gave her $5. So that should give you a picture of how shady this place was.

The weather Saturday was low 90's and humid. I was the final run group so I had all day to relax and soak up the heat. We got five runs and I ended up coning my first two runs. My third was a decent time, and my fourth was my FTD of a 41.1 or something. My fifth run wasn't much better. But anyways, there were two other people there with one of the best prepared WRX's for STX and both of them have trophied at National events. One of the driver's beat me in raw time by about .2 seconds, but she off coursed and the guy who was working the course said her off course saved her about 1/2 of a second. The other driver ran a 41.3 or something so he was right on pace with me. I still feel like I left about 1/2 a second out on course, but a win is a win, especially against that kind of competition. On a side note I finished 15th in PAX out of about 150 drivers that day.

Sunday ended up being not my day. I stayed out til 4AM Saturday night and had to wake up at 7AM to come to the course. Not too bright on my part. In my first three runs I spun/DNF'ed my first run, coned my second, and had to take my third easy to stay clean. After spinning, I guess I was too scared to take that section of the course as fast as the other drivers. My 3rd run was a 40.7 and the one of the national trophy drivers had a 39.3. So I was pretty far off pace. I was 4th in STX out of 8 drivers. Honestly I didn't think I would make the final 64, but I did. On the first run of the 64 drivers, I ran a 41.1 . But thank god none of the STX drivers ran below 40 so, I was number 30 of 32 drivers to move on to next round. In this round, I had a fairly solid run going, or at least it felt like it, and was coming into the final section too hot and kill five cones and nearly spun. That was the end of the day for me. The national trophy driver got knocked out in the tournament by another guy who has trophied several times at nationals. He is actually from the local area as well. The 39.3 for the national trophy driver put him at about 8th in PAX for the day, so that is a comparison of how I did. I was probably around 45th compared to 15th the previous day. Even at my BEST driving, I don't think I could've turned a 39.3 on Sunday, but I will take what I can get.

Out of 9 local drivers, 2 made final 4, 2 others made final 16, and 8 made the Governor's cup part of day 2 so we represented pretty well. No pics are up yet, and neither are results so I will post links once those are.

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