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IBAUCLAPlaya 04-25-2007 08:27 PM

First Event of the Year
Well it has been a while. Longer winter on winter tires and stock suspension=boring. No racing of any sort except for one go karting in Cincinnati. Anyways a few updates on my car:

It is a pig.
Leaking oil out of the front of the block. Replaced oil pump timing belt and tensioner and re-fuji bonded but no success. Will try again soon.
Leaking radiator
Have ported stock manifold and ported crosspipe sitting to be installed after oil leak fixed.
Need new brake pads
Need new tires and want to get Yok Neova's but I don't want to spit out $800 (Looking for sponsors :beatentod )

Anyways, our first event was supposed to be April 15th but got rained/snowed out. So we raced on Sunday. Unfortunately nobody was there for pics but it was a great day. Weather was 75, dry and sunny. Got a nice tan while winning first place out of 93 drivers. Not FTD, but PAX out of them all.

It was a short course, I ran it in FTD was by a top 1/4 finisher SS Vette which was in the He is the president of the local club and a great guy. He actually ran into a problem with the brakes and nobody thought the Vette would race because of it. But he showed up at noon ready to race. I was talking with him and I guess after a few updates/backdates, they picked up 40 HP and fixed all the stuff on the car that was broke last year (several suspension components, new brakes, etc). Basically he said the Vette is in shape to finish 1st place at the big events given a good driver (which he is). Anyways it came down to my fifth run vs. his sixth run and I edged him out by about .1 in pax time. The top 4 of us in the pax were separated by less than .5 seconds so it was pretty exciting. I wish somebody was there to get pics cause I even cleaned my car for the event.

Here are the regular class results (Click on the pax link at the top to see the PAX times of the drivers in regular classes): [url][/url]

Here are the PAX results (Again click PAX link to view PAX times): [url][/url]

Heading down to Columbus this weekend for a bigger event, probably closer to 200 people rather than 93, so hopefully I will do well. If so, I might hold off on changing tires and manifold possibly.

WRXKidid775 04-25-2007 09:27 PM

nice man. congrats on the win. !Thumbs Up
i run this sunday im excited. itl be the second event of the season for me as well.
what class are you running this year

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