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synolimit 09-20-2011 08:58 PM

autox valve vent options
does anyone know why we need them? there are 2 hoses too on each valve cover, one has a clamp and the vents do not. is there any place you can plum them back into the block and let the crank case vent do all the work????

i ask because i deleted the vent returns to my inlet yesterday and did not put them back into my catch can. welp, drove around today and turns out it isnt great for racing. i new subis had a problem turning hard but had no idea it was that bad!!! ive only ever drag raced and today i took it out and got on it around a 4 leaf clover high way entrance/exit ramps. basically a hard 60-70mph right hand turn, then a small straight away, then a hard right exit, small straight, hard right, small straight, etc, you get the point. you can get on and off and keep turning hard right with almost no other drivers getting in your way and your doing the speed limit.

ive always known subis suck at turning because all the oil in the valve heads comes pouring out when your in a high speed turn for to long. im glad i did the mod though!!!!!!!!!!!! or else all that oil would be in my inlet, turbo, IC, BPV, IM etc. im not glad that it was all over my car underneath from front to back.

now im sure someone will say get a catch can or AOS and no crap. but why bother? if i wanted to race my car at autox or road race it would seem that after a race or 1/2 way through all the oil would be blown out of the heads and into the catch can leaving the motor empty. an AOS might be a little better because it can put the oil back in but im not spending that much money and ive seen many AOS's fail at road racing because it overwhelms the AOS and it gets back into the inlet anywho.

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