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lifelike 12-25-2013 10:42 PM

Unable to start 02 WRX
Hi all, hoping u can help me with an ongoing drama... I recently attempted to resolve an issue with my 02 WRX where it was running rough in startup. I decided to change the plugs which hadn't been done for quiet some time. After finishing the job is ran TERRIBLE and after taking it to the mechanic they said that an oil leak had caused oil to leak into the harness leading to the 2 coils on one side of the engine. I took the coil off that side and found that both plugs joining the harness to the coils were deteriorating, one had been superglued on due to a broken clip and the other was full of oil. I had to break the superglued plug off and after checking the actual harness I found it clogged with black sticky tar and oil. I removed the effected wiring and replaced it, but had trouble sourcing new plugs so decided to hook it back up without the plugs - just the bare wires straight to the coils. I tried to start it but it was clicking and shaking badly but wouldn't start. Now my assumption is that after repairing the oil soaked wire that proper current is now getting to the coils but because I took the plastic plugs off the wires on each coil are arching between each other. So to confirm this I pulled them back off and taped each wire individually to each pin in each coil, insulating them. I know this is dodgy but wanted to confirm there wasn't another issue, and was looking for a temporary fix as it's my only car n need to get to work, and the new plugs are still around a week away! So.. Now with it all back together the car is turning over correctly again without the previous issue but won't actually start. I took one coil back off and checked it for spark against the engine and it's sparking, so it's not a spark issue? Also the fuel pump is running and after attempting to start I can smell fuel at the exhaust. The car did sit unstarted for around 10 days so I thought it might just need a bit of trying to get it started, but no luck so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated... !

lifelike 01-01-2014 12:21 PM

Realized that I had 2 wires around the wrong way that go to one of my coils, now it's starting again but back to original problem - running very rough, no power, barely drivable. MAF or 02 sensor? Just find it strange that it was only running a little rough on startup but now after replacing the spark plugs it's rough as...

BLAZE2099 01-01-2014 12:35 PM

Are they gapped properly?

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