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thekamikaze kid 08-25-2013 09:04 PM

target boost and data log question...
so im going to stage 1 and read that i should be getting this...
Stage1 93 v310
Fuel Requirements:
94 octane or better
Intake Requirements: Stock airbox or COBB Tuning SF Intake
Exhaust Requirements: Stock exhaust or upgraded cat
back exhaust
Boost Targets: ~15.0psi peak boost pressure tapering down to ~12.0psi by the 7250RPM red
line, +/
1.0 psi

my question is when should i be getting peak boost (15psi) as far as what gear /what rpm for the above stage 1 map? also i want to data log and i dont have many flat roads, do the roads have to be perfectly flat to get an accurate reading? oh and what should the stock peak boost be?

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