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WRXInfantryGuy 11-20-2011 09:59 PM

Silicone Hose question HELP!!!!!
i have a 07 wrx can i use a intercooler hose kit if on the website it says its for a 02-05 wrx

Kjott21 11-21-2011 12:23 AM

It should work fine.

basco 11-21-2011 01:01 AM

It may be slightly short because the 06-07 WRX/FXT used a smaller TMIC

pzr2874 11-21-2011 06:52 AM

If I'm not mistaken, the 02-03 IC is WAY different than the 06-07.

The metal Y pipe will not bolt up to your stock IC and the elbow will not reach as Matt stated.

newtothegame 11-21-2011 09:08 AM

My wifes 05 TMIC is very different than my 07 stock TMIC (let alone my TurboXS now in use, lol.)

Kjott21 11-21-2011 11:09 AM

I was wrong it won't work. You need one specifically for the 06-07 WRX.

WRXInfantryGuy 11-21-2011 06:02 PM

ok thanks for the help.

blk05WRX 11-21-2011 08:29 PM

You can get a "universal" 02-07 kit on ebay for around $60. I got one when I put on my STI intercooler. You'll have to do a bit of trimming here and there, but it worked for me.

A word of warning that the silver gaskets that come with it are crap. You'll want to pick up the black paper gaskets from Subaru or a local shop for a few bucks. I had a boost test done at a local shop after I installed it and the silver gaskets were leaking at boost above 15psi.

[url=]02-07 TMIC Intercooler WRX Sti Y Pipe Kit Polished | eBay[/url]

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