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real electric supercharger?

Is there such thing as a real electric supercharger? There are alot of ebay ones which sell for $30+ and I looked at some of the seller's feedbacks and it looked like most people were satisfied about what they bought. I also googled Electric Supercharger and found this supercharger selling for $199. How would I know which one works and which one doesn't?

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That just looks like a bad idea, especially on an already FI vehicle... Slap it on and let us know what happens (or how long before kaboom).

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definitely not worth it on a turbo charged vehicle.. there are real deal electric superchargers but they are a couple of thosuand dollars. the ones you see on ebay are crap
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I think you may want to read this thread from nasioc (Electric turbos? Why not? - NASIOC). It is exactly what you are looking for, here are the pro/cons:

*Will draw a massive amount of power from your alternator
*Most electric motors can't create the same amount of psi as an exhaust driven one
*Electrical motors are not efficient
*Wasted exhaust gases

*Could possibly reduce spool time

Originally Posted by oversoul View Post
Somebody in a magazine has already tried one of these. I don't remember which. They found that it did work, but only made a little under a 1 psi of boost. It did increase HP, but the unite that they tried cost like 800 dollars. That's not a lot of power verses cost. A Re-flash was cheaper and made more power.
Originally Posted by HyperSl4ck3r View Post

You could not be more wrong... Look at a gas turbine engine. Turboprop, turboshaft, turbojet, turbofan... ALL of them spin the ENTIRE engine, hundreds of pounds of metal, spinning at 10,000+ RPM, off of exhaust gasses and STILL have enough energy left over from hot expanding gasses to provide extra thrust, bleed air, AND drive a generator to provide huge amounts of electricity.

NEVER, EVER, EVER underestimate the power of hot expanding gasses.

Just a few things that run off of expanding hot gasses:
- Guns
- Steam Locomotives
- Nuclear power plants
- Nuclear Submarines and Aircraft carriers

Turbine's can be insanely efficient and powerful. Hot expanding gasses pack a hell of a punch, and driving a turbine is a great way to harness that energy...

So, in conclusion, if you could find a big enough motor with an equally large power supply, you may be able to create boost equivalent of your current turbo set up. You will end up having to do a good amount of fab and in the end would basically have no performance increases.

Hope that helps!
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has anyone seen the ones that run off a secondary engine?????

Ok with all joking aside

i don't think they would be able to make any kind of boost.. the cfm's they would put out i don't think would be a fraction of the Cfm's a turbo sucks in i think it would be an obstruction in the intake track if anything
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