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zmanoside 03-31-2008 05:54 PM

Perrin "tuned" AP maps
So I was checkin out perrin performance and came upon these "tuned" AP maps. From what I've read, a "tuned" map is specific for that individual car:confused: so how can they sell a "tuned" map that they claim adds 10-20WHP on top of the allready gained 10-30 hp from the stock ap maps?? When I called my closest tuner around me he said the tune would take 2 hours, cost 400 bucks and he usually sees a gain for stg II 06's from 10-20whp..the perrin maps cost 180...I'm thinking maybe the tune through the actual tuner is a safer tune? Anybody try one of these maps from perrin? Z

[url=]Perrin Performance - PERRIN tuned AccessPORT maps[/url]

newtothegame 03-31-2008 06:07 PM

Perrin has a great reputation, but I see and understand where you are coming from. I would probably just go and get one done at a tune shop if you trust them. Then you can actually see the graph and car, and make sure its tuned to your liking.

mosc 03-31-2008 07:12 PM

the overhead left from my "base" stock 2 cobb map to my "pro-tuned" map was actually quite small. If they're really saying 10whp more than stage 2, on a car like mine that could actually cause knock and other problems. Base maps are conservative for a reason. Not all cars can run substantially more aggressive tunes safely.

I think perrin's a great company but I have to be highly suspicious of selling more aggressive base maps. It's a bad idea and at >$150, it's a crappy value. Use the base maps and then get a pro-tune that'll actually maximize your car safely and efficiently.

zmanoside 03-31-2008 07:43 PM

^^ yep, thats what I was thinking. Safe, OPTIMAL HP w/ a tuner....still curious if anyone has tried these....

BLACK07STI 09-18-2008 03:37 AM

I Had Called Perrin Recently And Talk To A Guy That Said It Would Only Give 10 To 15 Hp And I Could Not Use My Spt Intake. I Searched Around And Found One At Bushur Racing Tune By Dynoflash For 150$. They Will Match Anything You Have From, Pulleys To Cold Air. The Cool Part Is You Still Can Use Your Ap. Remember To Tell Them That You Still Want The 2 Step.

red08WRX 11-13-2008 10:43 AM

I called and he asked me specific what have i done to the car. I told him, plus i have very basic things..actually i wouldnt call them anything: SPT cbe and a filter. Not to hard to sum up to what they done to their 08 WRX. I def like how the car feels at a simple stg 1. Thats not to say I dont want more, im use to more. I got a q' if you were to blow your motor and it had a "more safe" tune by a local "tuner" are they going to cover the costs? I highly doubt it!!

08wrx101 12-04-2008 03:31 PM

Is anyone running a 93 octane stage 1 Perrin map? Any difference when you switch to a 93 octane stage 1 COBB map? I don't have an AP yet but leaning towards perrin as the first map is free if you buy stage 1 kit for an extra $9.

Boost Addict 12-26-2008 10:00 AM

For what it's worth, here's what my tuner made over Perrin's Stage 2 map. Blue is custom tune, Dark Green is Perrin Stage 2.


It's also important to note the following: I'm a SoCal car, so I'm running horrible 91 octane. For kicks, he did a dyno pull with Cobb Stage 2 ACN, and it put out better numbers than the Perrin map. I don't recall what the exact figures were, but Cobbs map, albiet running lower boost, made ~8-10 whp more and like ~13-15 wtq more.

To put it simply, I'm a huge advocate of custom tunes. I've never walked away from a Tuner with less power. Off the shelf tunes will do you good for a while, but if you want to extract the most out of your car, or are running anything outside of the Staged params, I highly recommend a custom tune be done.

zmanoside 12-26-2008 05:50 PM

Very interesting. Your mods are exactly the same for both runs with just different maps?? Thats a pretty huge difference!!! Thanks for the post! I actually just found out yesterday that my wife is getting me a protune for Christmas!!! I am super stoked!!! I wish I still lived in Oceanside so I could hook up with Crawford but I'm in NC now so I'll be hitting up a place called Draco Performance. I've heard nothing but great things from there, but the tune will be on a "heartbreaker" mustang dyno. I'll make a post when I get it tuned within the next couple of weeks with some numbers.


turmic 12-29-2008 02:01 AM

How is it a "heartbreaker" dyno? Dynapack is hp at the hub...not at the actual wheel.

zmanoside 12-29-2008 02:11 AM

Heartbreaker is just a phrase I have heard Mustang dyno's refered to as. So thats the difference huh? One is at the wheels and the other is at the hub? Wierd. I wouldn't expect hp/tq numbers to be that different.

edit--did some reading on the different types of dynos. Pretty cool stuff. Didnt really understand why two dynos would have different readings but it makes perfect sense now.

turmic 12-29-2008 02:39 AM to share the links? :) Yeah, a few different dynos are out there and they don't all rate the same. I'm sure if you found some good info. People would be interested in reading it.

mosc 12-29-2008 09:13 AM

Mustang Dynos, often called "hearbreaker dynos" read about 5% lower than most people spec at. They're the most accurate way of reading. Anyway, Dynapacks read about 10% higher than most people spec at. In other words, they see HALF the drivetrain losses a mustang dyno will see.

zmanoside 12-29-2008 01:21 PM

[QUOTE=turmic;211986] to share the links? :) Yeah, a few different dynos are out there and they don't all rate the same. I'm sure if you found some good info. People would be interested in reading it.[/QUOTE]

I'm too lazy to go back and find all the links I was reading. I pretty much just typed in --differences between dynos---or some shit like that into google and was picking out all different reads, from different forums to performance shop websites. Google is my friend!Thumbs Up Maybe if I get bored in the next few days I'll do some kind of writeup on the different dynos....I think it would make for a good sticky.


turmic 12-30-2008 01:00 PM

That'd be cool...:cool:

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