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wrxgtr 05-17-2007 04:56 PM

OPENSOURCE HOW TO: Flash your ecu useing opensource software
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[B][U][COLOR="Red"]FIRST OF ALL READ PSINUSE'S STICKY[/COLOR][/U][/B] to make sure that opensource is what you want and know the issues of doing it wrong
also read these
Rom Raider FAQ - [url=]RomRaider - Open Source ECU Tools | Documentation / Rom Raider FAQ[/url]
Tuning FAQ - [url=]RomRaider - Open Source ECU Tools | Documentation / Tuning FAQ[/url]
[url=]Scoobypedia | Trusted knowledge for everything Subaru | Knowledge / ECU[/url]
[url=]How Subaru’s Factory Boost Control System Works - COBB Forums[/url]

needed equipment/ tools:
laptop (with full charge)
tactrix cable (for your make and model)
Ecuflash software ([url=]Open Source ECU ROMS[/url])
Enginuity software([url=]RomRaider - Open Source ECU Tools | RomRaider / Rom Raider[/url])
[SIZE="3"][U] [[COLOR="Red"]before doing any of the following steps turn your key [B]forward but not on[/B] make sure your battery is charged ([B] if you have a turbo timer shut it OFF)[/B][/COLOR][/U][/SIZE]

step 1: connect your tactrix cable to your laptops usb port
step 2: connect your tactrix cable to your diagnostic port
step 3: connect green wires this puts your car in diagnostic mode( you will hear your fans cycle) they are under the dash closest to the drivers door
step 4: open ecuflash
step 5: read your ecu's stock map and save it to a SD card,flash drive, or to your pc
step 6: open your desired map
step 7: test write to ecu to make sure of connectivity or errors
step 8: then if everything is ok write(flash) the desired map to your cars ecu
step 9: read your ecu again and compare your map to the map you flashed(you can use enginuity for this step if desired)
step 10: disconnect the green wires
step 11: start your car and take it for a ride to make sure it runs properly( no sputtering or knock) obvious signs it is not running correctly
step 12: log your car using enginuity

Air/Fuel Correction #1 (%)
AF Learning #1 (Current)* (%)
Coolant Temperature (F)
Engine Load* (g/rev)
Engine Speed (rpm)
Feedback Knock Correction* (degrees)
Fine Learning Knock Correction* (degrees)
IAM* (multiplier)
Ignition Timing (degrees)
Injector Duty Cycle (%)
Intake Air Temperature (F)
Manifold Rel. Pressure (Corrected) (psi)
Mass Air Flow (g/s)
Throttle Opening Angle (%)
Vehicle Speed (mph)


wrxgtr 05-17-2007 04:59 PM

pre 06 should be the same just add a flash block, i hope everyone likes the write up if anyone has something else to add let me know

ArmyWRX 05-17-2007 06:35 PM

ok i have an 02 rex.... do you have to buy the programs maps ect.... is there a limet to how many time you can reflash

wrxgtr 05-17-2007 07:41 PM

the programs are free(ecuflash,enginuity) you will have to go to [url][/url] and register to find the maps for your car some are free and the xpt maps are not and no i have heard of people flashing their cars hundreds of times before

BithellWgn06 05-17-2007 08:40 PM

Great job on the writeup. I wish someone had done this before I flashed.
The green connector was a hard one for me. I had no idea where it was.

wrxgtr 05-17-2007 08:55 PM

glad i couldnt help lol :D

oh2wrx 05-17-2007 09:01 PM

where can i buy a tactrix cable? im thinking of buying that instead of the cobb AP2.

wrxgtr 05-17-2007 09:05 PM

psinuses sticky [U]opensource read up[/U] will provide you with that info

dremers 05-18-2007 06:42 AM

awesome write up.

i think it would be good to post comparisons of stage 1 and stage 2 using enginuity even through stage 4. just so newbees could see the differences. even i want to see the difference between stage1 and stage 4.

wrxgtr 05-18-2007 06:17 PM

should i put like a disclaimer on this HOW TO ? instead of reffering to psinuse's thread

BithellWgn06 05-18-2007 06:23 PM

[QUOTE=dremers;153218]awesome write up.

i think it would be good to post comparisons of stage 1 and stage 2 using enginuity even through stage 4. just so newbees could see the differences. even i want to see the difference between stage1 and stage 4.[/QUOTE]

Where is there a stage 4?

FlimFlamMan 05-21-2007 07:46 AM

Nice write up! Excellent directions and pics.

I've noticed some folks say it may take a few extra cranks to get your WRX started after flashing a new map but that was not the case for me. It started up normally. However, when I first got the Tactrix cable I saved my stock ROM to disk (no writing to the ECU) and it did take a few extra seconds for it to start up after that.

medic195 05-23-2007 08:24 PM

nice write up great job much help

medic195 05-23-2007 08:24 PM

are xpt stages better

BithellWgn06 05-23-2007 08:39 PM

Okay, I CAN use some help with this flash. I have the stage 3 race map. ( I have also flashed stage 2 and stage 3 successfully in the recent past) I saved my xml file to the C:ProgramFiles..... and when I open ecuflash, it has not registered that that file exists. I have restarted my computer, tried to open file before and after reading my ecu, stood on my head and on one foot. Help me out someone. Has anyone had this problem?


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