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ilganeli 10-12-2012 06:45 PM

Help! Prosport boost sensor leak.
Hello, so I have tapped the vaccum line from the BPV and run it to the inline air-filter and then to the boost sensor. The problem is, I apparently have a small boost leak there. I've tried both 5/32" vac tubing from advance auto parts and the tubing that came with the gauge. I've zip tied all the connections but it still leaks.

I've tried to adjust the connections a couple times, each time after I fiddle with it the boost leak goes away and then it comes back after the car sits for a while.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the hose spec, the air filter, T-junction, or anything else I should be using? Please let me know, thank you.

I've also had the suggestion that this is the bpv opening early, is that a possibility?

I'm working with Eric Minehart - he believes there's a leak since my boost values and the engine load are higher than they should be given the tune. After fiddling with the tubing they go back down to the expected values.

Specifically, I'll hit 20.5+ psi manifold relative pressure with 3.6 g/rev engine load where the numbers should be around 19.5 and 3.1 nominally.

BoostinChick 10-16-2012 01:53 PM

Are you saying that your boost sensor is leaking? Did you try asking ProSport to send you another? My MadDad boost sensor leaked on the inside, I could hear it when the car was idle. 5/32" vacuum tubing should be the correct diameter (or close enough) to be snug when tapping off the "T" connector of the BPV. Does your boost gauge read vac? If so, where does it read at idle? If it sits at 0 then you definitely have a leak somewhere.

Just to make sure, you also checked the other side of the "T" connection (return of the BPV) that goes to the intake manifold, right? They are notorious for popping off.

RcrsWetDream 10-17-2012 12:47 PM

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You're hitting more boost than you should.... Not a sign of a leak. It is a sign that maybe it WAS leaking when you were tuned and now it's not so you're hitting higher numbers on the current tune.

If you're pulling 21ish inches/mg at idle you don't have a leak, at least not much of one.

One thing I've used on all my small boost lines are oetiker clamps. They're the bomb and super cheap, you just need a special set of pliers/nail pullers to install and remove them (about $10 for the tool).

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