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PROImportTuners 11-26-2013 02:53 PM

Deatschwerks Holiday Power packages!
[SIZE="3"]I'm sure all you Guys and Gals have already heard about Deatschwerks fuel solutions. They've been making/modifying and testing fuel solutions for Subaru vehicles pretty much forever, and they are darn good at it too.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]This Holiday season they are spreading cheer by offering fuel injector and fuel pump power packages for huge savings![/COLOR][/SIZE]

Available for all 2002-2012 WRX and STI models (should fit 2013 too) these power packages come with your choice of 750cc or 1000cc fuel injectors and 255LPH or 265LPH fuel pump.

All injectors are the highest quality Deatschwerks plug and play units flow balanced to within 1-2% of one another. They also come with detailed flow report, battery offset information and a 3 year comprehensive warranty.

Fuel pumps offer 255LPH or 265LPH worth of flow to provide your new injectors with all the high octane egg nog they would ever need. Fuel pumps are drop in style fitment and are significantly quieter than the other options available.

[SIZE="4"]Prices start at [COLOR="Red"]$439.00[/COLOR] for the full kits.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]Save between [COLOR="Red"]$89.00-$119.00[/COLOR] with this special holiday sale![/SIZE]

Depending on your stock injector style you may also be able to send them in to Deatschwerks after installing your new ones for up to a [COLOR="Red"]$200 rebate![/COLOR] (Which means the total cost could be as low as [COLOR="Red"]$239![/COLOR] That's sweet sugary holiday madness!)




Here's a link to our site where you can place your order: [url=]Import DeatschWerks Holiday Power Package at PRO Import Tuners[/url]

Check our website or email/PM me if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays! :sneaky::rocks::hurl:!Cry!:cool:

PROImportTuners 11-27-2013 06:51 PM

In addition to this discount offered from Deatschwerks, we are also offering big savings on all parts that we sell.

Check out the main page of our site for special holiday savings discount coupons!

[url=]Import Parts Source at PRO Import Tuners[/url]

Happy holidays!

PROImportTuners 12-05-2013 05:12 PM

Remember this special holiday package can save you big AND you can still use our holiday discount coupon codes!

Use the discount coupon code: save20 to save $20 on any order from $200-$499

Add another part to your order and use discount code: save40 to save $40.00 on any order $500 and above!

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