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thekamikaze kid 10-23-2013 07:11 PM

DAM questions!
anyway i tuned my car to stage 1 like a month (currently working with a mech on this) ago and my DAM is still at 11's. i have read that my dam should be going to 16 after a few minutes, i have also reasd that it takes weeks. just wondering how long everyone elses car has taken to learn this value..
also does anyone have a healthy 02-03 wrx stage 1 datalog i could look at?

turmic 10-23-2013 08:10 PM

Is your mechanic a tuner? Please....find a tune shop that knows subies and have them look at it. That way they can fix it and verify it. I don't know why this problem is taking months to fix.

thekamikaze kid 10-23-2013 08:16 PM

cobb suggested i take it to a mechanic i took it in to a local shop tuesday, would subaru be able to fix this? the whole reason i got the ap was because there are no tune shops anywhere near me. !Cry!

BLAZE2099 10-23-2013 08:18 PM


^ ya see this!!!
It's your BOV!!!!!!!
Paul got aids from this crap, now he's been missing:(

Good job listening!!!

thekamikaze kid 10-23-2013 08:19 PM

my mech is gonna hook it up to a new scanner he got tommorrow to get a better log. hopefully this will get a good log. and find the mech problem.

psinuse 10-23-2013 08:19 PM

You don't have a DAM you have an IAM...

thekamikaze kid 10-23-2013 08:20 PM

ok will definaetely look into getting a new bov tommorow,

psinuse 10-23-2013 08:21 PM

...and on a new flash it starts at 16 and goes down if your ECU sees knock.

thekamikaze kid 10-23-2013 08:21 PM

sheesh! WTF

psinuse 10-23-2013 08:23 PM

[quote=thekamikaze kid;382065]sheesh! WTF[/quote]


turmic 10-23-2013 08:24 PM

You can see if you can find a reputable dealer in your area and take it to them. But, I'm not sure if they can read what is causing your IAM to be lower. Unless you have a noticeable problem with your car that they can diagnose.

BLAZE2099 10-23-2013 08:25 PM

Drive to a tuner or have a crappy running car? Easy decision

psinuse 10-23-2013 08:26 PM

It's not a dam on the earlier cars it is a iam...

thekamikaze kid 10-23-2013 08:28 PM

i got a log right after the flash like 10-20 miles after and it was at 11's and it was still at 11's after like 50 more miles. so u r satying ther eis knock potential? and there is a leak in my bov causing lag under heavier load? :beatentod

thekamikaze kid 10-23-2013 08:30 PM


i think u guys think i should get a new bov, WTF

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